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Mr. Dickie Weed, Sons Of Butcher, Cock Lorge, The wet Spots, Lil' Mikey Roohan, Biker Joe Warren, Tastiskank, Larry Pierce, The Beaver Boys, Uncle Carl, William H Nutsack, Cameron Bameron, Bob Garrett's Banned, and Pig Vomit. Produced by Red Peters. Executive Producer- Carl Caprioglio Marketing/Promotion- Mark Copeland Distribution- Fontana/Universal

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June 01, 2010



(Red walking and sitting by the pool)

Red Open:

Well, the pool’s not open yet, but it’s time to prepare for summer parties, barbeques, and road trips.

And one thing for sure that will be on the menu, “The Red Peters Summer Song Sizzler”!

It’s my brand new collection of great songs for your enjoyment by some of the best and brightest and the filthiest and funniest artists I could find!

. And there’s no better way to welcome in the summer party season than with “Aw Fuck You” by my good buddy, Mr. Dickie Weed!

. And what about “Fuck The Shit” by Sons Of Butcher?

. And how about the heartfelt “I Want You” by Cock Lorge?

. Summertime brings summer romance and a tune that pops the big question…
“Do You Take It In The Ass?” by The Wet Spots!

. But what are you gonna do if you strike out and you’re all alone? “Jerkin’ Off Tonight” by Lil’ Mikey Roohan.

. The 4th of July, Fireworks, and motor cycles…
And “Fuck You” by the late great Biker Joe Warren!

. And for you ladies… ever had a disappointing summer’s eve (wink)?
“The Sex Song” by Tastiskank!

. And for you guys… is there really such a thing as a one night stand?
Larry Pierce sings “All I Did Was Just Fuck Her”!

. A lot of us depend on a summer job. Just ask The Beaver Boys and “A blow Job Is Better Than No Job”!

. And nobody sings the summertime blues like good old Uncle Carl and “Too Tired (To Masturbate)”!

. It’s never a bummer in the dog days of summer when you’re listening to “Destination Dirtpipe” by William H Nutsack!

. Hey, I have summer memories too… can I contribute a song? How about “When I Jerk Off, I Think Of You” by yours truly, Red Peters!

. And Cameron Bameron knows how to say “Fuck You” with a ukelele!

. A lotta folks like to head out to the dude ranch for a little R & R. Just ask Bob Garrett’s Banned if “There’s A Homo In The Bunkhouse”! Hey guys, it’s me!

. There’s a summer thing and Pig Vomit calls that thing “Vagina”!

. Let’s go out with a bang! Three cheers for a great summer! Once again, the great Dickie Weed and “Have Another Drink On Me”!

Red Close:

great songs!
More than 45 minutes of sizzling summer fun!
The Red Peters Summer Song Sizzler…
Get ‘em while they’re hot!
Get yours today!
And don’t just get one… you know someone’s gonna leave the party with yours!
Stock up now… one for the car, one for the pool, and one for someone special!