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Finally, one theater critic has the guts to tell children how bad they are at putting on plays.
Published October 18, 2012 220k views Immortal More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring: Alfred Molina
Featuring: Rachael Campanella, Mel Cowan, Matt Newell, Carmina Garay, Garrett Ryan & Avriella Ford
Director: Alex Fernie
DP: Luca del Puppo
Producer: Rachel Goldenberg
AD: Matt Mazany
Editor: Chris Poole
PA: Andrew Grissom, Becca Scheuer & Luis Sanchez
Sound: Ben Forman
Gaffe: Nilo Zimmerman
Best Boy Electric: Eric Tolzmann
Key Grip: Dwight Stone
AC: Ray Lee
Prod Designer: Martin Vallejo
Art Director: Candy Lopez
Set Design: Ellie del Campo
Makeup: Adina Sullivan
Wardrobe: Natasha Kutrovacz

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