The Pied Piper crew is back to unveil a very special scene from the new season of Mike Judge’s 'Silicon Valley,' premiering April 24 on HBO.


♪ [music] ♪
Michael Blaiklock: What's up guys?
Michael Blaiklock: This is Ty Mun from Mun_Tech,
the blog where we look
Michael Blaiklock: at the best of
tech in television.
Michael Blaiklock: We're here at the premiere of
Silicon Valley Scene 308,
Michael Blaiklock: and there's more electricity
here, than an original
Michael Blaiklock: Pentium Processor.
So, let's check it out.
Michael Blaiklock: Based on the poster over here
you're not in this scene.
Thomas Middleditch: God no.
Thomas Middleditch: I wasn't allowed that day.
Thomas Middleditch: It was a closed set.
The crew was naked, but the
Thomas Middleditch: actors are quite
clothed in the scene.
Michael Blaiklock: Is there any tension between
you and the other
Michael Blaiklock: cast members that you weren't
included in this scene?
Michael Blaiklock: Is there any animosity?
Thomas Middleditch: I don't know
man. It's cool.
Thomas Middleditch: We're all really
good friends.
Michael Blaiklock: Hey, who's the
prankster on set?
Martin Starr: Good question.
Martin Starr: Kumail, doing Muslim
pranks all the time.
Michael Blaiklock: Were you physically in front
of the cameras when
Michael Blaiklock: they were rolling
for this scene?
Josh Brener: No.
Michael Blaiklock: Got it.
Michael Blaiklock: Are you upset that you
weren't in this scene?
Josh Brener: Yes.
Michael Blaiklock: Guys, how excited
are you for 308?
Michael Blaiklock: Please tell me
in binary code.
0 1 1 1 0
Michael Blaiklock: So you're not
that excited. Okay.
T.J. Miller: In scene 308 we shot,
oh I'll never forget it,
T.J. Miller: it was 2 or 3 months
ago on either a Wednesday...
T.J. Miller: it was either a
Wednesday through Friday.
Josh Brener: I say they should submit
this for the Best Foreign Language
Josh Brener: Film category next
year in the Oscars.
Michael Blaiklock: Guys, the energy here
tonight, the excitement
Michael Blaiklock: is just overwhelming.
I'm trying to keep my excitement
Michael Blaiklock: down to a minimum, because
I can't believe that I'm here
Michael Blaiklock: at the premiere of
Scene 308 at Silicon Valley.
Michael Blaiklock: It's just a special night.
Michael Blaiklock: How excited are
you for 308?
Very excited.
Michael Blaiklock: And what's your favorite
tech product that came out
Michael Blaiklock: the last 5 years?
Apple iPhone.
Michael Blaiklock: That's what I
would've said.
Stephen Tobolowsky: The first thing I thought
about the scene was
Stephen Tobolowsky: truthfully, I got to sit
down, and you got to
Stephen Tobolowsky: stand up.
T.J. Miller: Sometimes, there's a scene
where 2 people are
T.J. Miller: sitting, but one of them
while they're acting
T.J. Miller: is really standing.
T.J. Miller: It isn't the physicality of it.
T.J. Miller: In this scene, sometimes I felt
when we were doing it,
T.J. Miller: and we did it, we did it--
Michael Blaiklock: Sure. Yeah.
T.J. Miller: --I felt like he was standing,
and I was sitting
T.J. Miller: the way that we were kind
of going back and forth.
T.J. Miller: But once you get inside that,
you're just not even
T.J. Miller: thinking about anything except
for the scene at hand.
T.J. Miller: Say it with me.
[conflicting voices]
T.J. Miller: 1-2-3 on scene...
1-2-3 scene...
T.J. Miller: 1-2-3...
T.J. Miller: 1-2-3...
Multiple Voices: Scene 308.
T.J. Miller: And here we are.
T.J. Miller: We're going to see a scene,
before we see the episode,
T.J. Miller: before we see the season.
[crowd is laughing]
T.J. Miller: You're going to see
just one scene.
T.J. Miller: Let's see what we've
all been waiting to see.
T.J. Miller: Let's see what everybody's
talking about.
T.J. Miller: Geesh, my heart is
fucking racing--
[audience is laughing]
Male Voice: Scene 3 0 8.
[crowd is cheering]
Michael Blaiklock: Hey guys it's Ty. We're at the
after party of the premiere.
Michael Blaiklock: What does this scene mean
for television and for the
Michael Blaiklock: entertainment industry
as a whole?
T.J. Miller: I couldn't believe how
successful the premiere was.
T.J. Miller: They were so receptive to the
scene, once they saw the scene--
Mike Judge: When we say for the ages,
we're not joking.
T.J. Miller: No.
Michael Blaiklock: I can see it it in your eyes.
T.J. Miller: We're not saying
for the era's.
T.J. Miller: We're not saying
for the epochs.
T.J. Miller: We're saying
for the ages.
T.J. Miller: This is a scene that
will age well.
T.J. Miller: For me, that
really is real.
Michael Blaiklock: Hey guys, it's Ty.
We just saw 308.
Michael Blaiklock: Not only did we see
308, we saw 309 too.
Michael Blaiklock: What a privilege to
be in there for this.
Michael Blaiklock: We had a Q and A with
the cast and creators of the show.
Michael Blaiklock: There was trivia.
There was jokes.
Michael Blaiklock: It was just an incredible night,
and one will never forget.
Michael Blaiklock: Alright, subscribe. Later.