Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. get to talking just like you'd expect a father and son to around one another.

Full Credits

Starring Dana Carvey & Will Ferrell
Edited by Brad Schulz


The video opens with Dana Carvey, playing George W. H. Bush, coming out
of a bathroom carrying a toothbrush.

Dana Carvey: Yeah. Well if you listened to me you would have raised

The shot cuts to Will Ferrell, playing George W. Bush. They are in the
bedroom of Barack Obama, played by Fred Armisen.

Will Ferrell: Yeah, then I would have had one term.

Dana Carvey: Yeah, that's so funny, I almost forgot to laugh. Very
witty. Very clever.

Will Ferrell: I thought it was pretty good.

Dana Carvey: Yeah, yeah, you thought, didn't you? Sometimes you think
too much, don't you? Keep her simple. Don't get cocky.

Will Ferrell: I'm not cocky.

Dana Carvey: You seem a little cocky.

Fred Armisen: You do.

Will Ferrell: I'm the cock of the walk.

Dana Carvey: That's not why we're here.

Will Ferrell: Okay. We'll take it up later.

Dana Carvey: We will take it up later.

Will Ferrell: Out in the back alley. We'll take it up in the back alley.

Dana Carvey: Don't look away. Don't look out there. What are you doing?
Where you going? Right here.

Dana Carvey points at his own eyes.

Will Ferrell: There's a naked lady in that painting over. That's what
I'm looking at.

Will Ferrell points over Dana Carvey's shoulder.

Dana Carvey: That's all right, don't look away. Look here.

Dana Carvey points at his own eyes again.

Dana Carvey: Keep her slow. Slump her down. Keep her basic. But, we're
not here for this. We're here for this man here.

Dana Carvey points at Fred Armisen.

Dana Carvey: You gotta listen to these fellas Borat.

The shot cuts to Fred Armisen.

Fred Armisen: It's Barack.

Dana Carvey: You are? Good. Now listen to us. You gotta do the right
thing, you understand?

Will Ferrell: Yeah, Babcock.

Fred Armisen: You know my name.

Will Ferrell: I do.

Dana Carvey: Yeah. Listen, President...

Fred Armisen: Just because he didn't, doesn't mean that you don't.

Will Ferrell: That was a cheap shot. Sorry.

Fred Armisen: That was cheap.

Dana Carvey: Listen. You gotta understand these financial regulations
are important to prevent bubbles.

Will Ferrell: Absolutely.

Dana Carvey: You get a lot of bubbles and they grow. They get bigger. A
thousand points of bubbles coming at you.

Will Ferrell: All over.

Dana Carvey: Growing all over the place. All of sudden, pop. You know
what, the rich guys get all the money.

Will Ferrell: I love you so much, dad.

Dana Carvey: Yeah? That's good. I'm really, really flattered, but thanks
for interrupting my train of thought, dubbers. You're not very bright,
are you? The world's kind of simple to you. It's almost like...

Will Ferrell: I missed your smell.

Dana Carvey: Missed my smell? We used to take those sudsy tubs, I'd to
crawl in. I didn't think there was anything wrong with it.

Will Ferrell: No big deal.

Dana Carvey: No big problem. A father with his child in a sudsy tub.

Will Ferrell: There was no contact.

Dana Carvey: We did nothing illicit. Father and son bathing together.

Will Ferrell: Just talking shop.

Dana Carvey: Talking shop.

Will Ferrell: In a big luxurious bubble-bath.

Dana Carvey: That's right.

Will Ferrell: I love you so much, dad.

Dana Carvey: Easy. Don't. No. Let's keep it basic. Don't reach. You had
an area of expertise. Don't go outside it. No brown nosing. Not now.
Keep her. Settle. Settle.

Will Ferrell: I have so much love for you.

Dana Carvey: I know. Easy. Easy. And rest.

Dana Carvey reached up and snaps his finger. Will Ferrell slumps a bit.

Dana Carvey: Anyway. Sometimes you gotta do the right thing. Sometimes
you gotta take those approval ratings and screw em. Right down on their
screwy screw. You understand.

Fred Armisen: Screw em.

Dana Carvey: That's good.

Will Ferrell comes to and looks around.

Will Ferrell: Screw em.

The video cuts to black.