If you refuse, he'll haunt your prostate.

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November 17, 2011


(theme music)
Ron: A lot of people say I kind
of wish you were less coocoo.
A pretty, a pretty, a pretty goose for you
and a pretty racing car.
Everyone wants to do it and not
think about the bad feces pudding.
What if the world said, "Nye,
nye, nye-nye," like a parrot
or if a baby got two knick knacks
up her sleeve and scream mahalo.
I helped a fuzzy dude cut a piece of fruit
and when he was chewing on it, I
mushed it and called an ambulance.
White men criticize
black people over pagers
and Mexicans will take shoes.
You can give me money
and I'll go make the zoo.
I've got many fake books since I'm
a leprechaun farmer who's a gambler.
[Who] hot cherry soda.
I didn't run away, I got a
sandwich and you love it.
I'm Ron Paul.
Everything's blue baby,
quick want you to hide me.
The Hawaiians think people are
idiots because we serve peach cobbler
and we do it all and spit cup.
I needed more money in layers of LL Bean.
And noon on Wednesday, I'm going to be
leaving a watermelon pineapple treasure
inside of Liam Neeson.
He's the one with cooked fish allergies.
Give me Vaseline when I'm
having this boring x-rays.
if you refuse, I'll hunt your prostate.
Bam! That spirit really wants
to tap into my whiffle wine.
Let's all pour lotion on the
person who thinks I'm an ass.
We should pick take their wig off.
I have a lot of people,
I still drive an SUV.
I will ride the lightning, it happened
to my kitty and Elvis was part of it.
Life is murder and you're
forced to fight the war.
You're a pony and you want this cookie
and yet you can't think straight.
Bring on the steamed croutons.
I love dishwashers and if
one of my spoon got left
then find the big ape who did it.
The hardest part is to
shoot Ramon, I know it.
Dude said have some brusky in the
freaking those are awesome, more like it.
Free bananas.
Well never mind.
(theme music)