A parody of Dr. Dre's "Still D.R.E" (ft. Snoop Dogg)

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Big thanks to all the people at Icebox Productions
An even bigger thanks to Dre (featuring a thanks to Snoop)

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April 29, 2010



Still R.A, freshie, keep the noise down freshie
After I smell your pot, raid your ass on the spot
Think Im asleep, Im NOT, I roam the halls a lot
If I suspect youre drunk, then Ill break your lock
Freshies, you in college, But haters say RAs aint fun
How freshie? Your last party I was on it
Maybe you didnt understand my ebonics
I meant I wrote your ass up; I wanna know how you feel about it

In this dorm I'm the King

Head RA is the name, and I kept it the same
Still, finding your reef, still not washin my sheets
Still best friends with police
Still rock my khakis with a cuff and a crease
Still got love for my streets, runnin 50 keys
Still my fist bang, write up you and your gang
Resident advisor from the fall to the sprang

Im representin for them R.As all across the world
Still the strong enforcer of them no nos girl
Still taking your sandwich, cuz I got to eat
Your worst nightmare little freshmen, trick or treat
Its the head R.A

When I was growin up, I didnt have no friends
Well, hell, here at school its the same thing again
Now I got a 4.0, bustin three fools a week
Still, my doors closed when I skeet
On Friday nights, I try to sleep, but I hear those feet
Theres drunk people in the hall, and Im back on the beat
They dont wanna get in trouble, so they beg and plead
But I show no remorse, slap their wrist till they bleed
Wake up in the A.M., have some cream of wheat
I know theres just one thing that makes my day complete
Its bustin fools, for music, dank, or booze
Yellin, turn off the tunes its quiet hours, thats the rules.
Im still at it, dorm of mathematics
Home of Star Wars and Star Trek fanatics
When they step out of line, shit gets graphic
And then my ego gets bigger, Im the head R.A.

You aint nothin, on my fly kicks
My whistle, and my pen and my board with the clip
Your life's a videogame, I'm the g-g-g-g-glitch
You play that loud track, Imma overreact
Im representin for them R.As all across the world
Still the strong enforcer of them no nos girl
Ill break your facebook friends record, thanks for the add
Freshies try run the school but the Dean's my dad.

In this dorm I am the King.

Head RA be the name still runnin the game
Still got a curfew from my mommy
Still aint trippin, dorm pranks yo, they aint funny
Keep it down if you could, these long halls is my hood
Keep your room clean ya slob, hand job, hand job, hand job!
Bustin nuts every day, revoking student cards
Still gon' get mine regards