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Full Credits

Starring Matt Dillon
Directed by Jake Szymanski & Chad Carter
Producer: Dane C. Reiley & Dan Powell
Director of Photography: Bernard Hunt
AC: Gall Friedman
Hair/Makeup: Amy
Sound Mixer: Brennan McVicar
PA: Patrick DePuydt


[gun cocking]
[bullet ricochet]
Matt Dillon: Hi folks, Daytona Dan
Jackson here, and if
Matt Dillon: you're anything like me
you live for this.
Matt Dillon: You love the fresh air,
you love the great outdoors,
Matt Dillon: and you love to maximize
your fish yield.
Matt Dillon: Which is why I use this.
The Daytona Fish Gun.
Matt Dillon: It's the best way to
kill fish, bar none.
Matt Dillon: Matt: Catching a fish with
a stick and string is
Matt Dillon: Matt: frustrating, and
Matt Dillon: Matt: Hooks are sharp,
tackle boxes are heavy, and
Matt Dillon: Matt: worms are proven
disease carriers.
Matt Dillon: Even if you catch a fish, you've got
to get it on to a boat, and you
Matt Dillon: got to neutralize it.
The whole process is
Matt Dillon: time consuming, and
Matt Dillon: There's no worms.
You just take the gun,
Matt Dillon: point it down in your
fishing hole, and fire away.
[gun shot]
[gun shot]
[gun shot]
[gun shot]
[gun shot]
[gun shot]
[gun shot]
Matt Dillon: Rather you're 80, or
8 years old the Daytona
Matt Dillon: turns fish in a lake, into
fish in a barrel.
[gun shot]
Matt Dillon: It also offers the
features professionals demand:
Matt Dillon: A high rate of fire power, 300 rounds per minute.
Matt Dillon: No fish is safe from a
Daytona. You know,
Matt Dillon: some of you folks are
at home probably saying to
Matt Dillon: yourself, "I'd like to
kill even more fish."
Matt Dillon: Well, for that we have
the Daytona Fish Grenade.
Matt Dillon: Designed to kill anything
swimming within a 300
Matt Dillon: meter radius.
Matt Dillon: Kill more, win more, and
come home with a smile
Matt Dillon: on your face, and dinner
in your cooler.
Matt Dillon: Matt: The Daytona Fish Gun.
Matt Dillon: A damn good fish gun.
[gun shot]