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Full Credits
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
written by
Mouncey Ferguson & Stephen Statler
Directed and Edited by
Elise Robertson
Music by
Tim Shireman
Elise Robertson - Lauren
Susan Deming - Rachel
Brynn Horrocks - Melissa
Produced by
Mouncey Ferguson
Elise Robertson
Stephen Statler
Peter Adams
Directors of Photography
Eric Bader
Eric Clark
Production Manager
Dan Campbell
Choreography by
Ameenah Kaplan
Also starring
Michael Randois - store owner
Jodi Wise - hostess
Karl T. Wright - angry parent
Beautiful X - frustrated Mom
Ben Benjamin - frustrated Dad
Additional Crew:
Kryzz Ramirez
J. Aaron Stinde
Shane Spiegel
Jeb Alderson
Ed Rainer
Ron Rice
Doug Cooney
Monica Alcaraz
Cecilia Pascuzzo
Courtney Mykytyn
Suzanne Turner
Rebecca LaFond
Tori King-Rice
Nora Randois
Russ Russo
Jeremy Myers
Suzanne Lynch
Mary Hetherington
Jeff Driskill
Gracie Miller
Ayla LaFond
David LaFond III
Sadie Rice
Gideon Cooney-Lebano
Jake Bogard Sebastian Pascuzzo
Noelani Reynoso
Mika Benjamin-Uyeki
Cassie Lynch
Celia Deming-Berstein
Rylee LaFond
Stella Ferguson
Sadie Ferguson
Renato Leni
Ixchel Leni
Amir Terrazas
Toby Randois
Darla Driskill
Zane Driskill
Tashi Benjamin-Uyeki
Elizabeth Harris-Myers
Benjamin Harris-Myers
Opal Hetherington
Ava Miller
Ruby Miller
Lulu Mykytyn
Foosh Mykytn
Special Thanks
Cricket Ginty
Alissa Haggis
Lacey Jung
Jude Walko
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Published: September 25, 2012