Christopher Lloyd as scary Willy Wonka murdering teenagers!!!
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Published: March 18, 2009
The video opens with Zach Gilford, Paul Rust, Nicky Whelan, and Martha MacIsaac coming out of a house.

Zach Gilford: All right. Let’s roll.

Nicky Whelan: Brian, I’m so excited. I can’t wait to get out to your dad’s cabin.

Paul Rust: And, yeah, my boner can’t wait either.

Martha MacIsaac: Oh god, you’re so gross.

Martha MacIsaac gives Paul Rust a shove. All four climb into an SUV.
The shot cuts to Paul Rust, Martha MacIsaac, Nicky Whelan, and Zach
Gilford in the car, acting excited. The music and appearance of the
shot is like a car commercial. The shot then cuts to the four of them
outside having fun. The screen cuts to black and opens on the four of
them in a grocery store.

Paul Rust: Oh man, we are going to get so laid this weekend.

Martha MacIsaac holds up a candy bar and the label reads Wonka Bar.

Martha MacIsaac: Guys, look at these weird old candy bars.

Paul Rust: My boner’s got weird old candy bars.

Dramatic music plays in the background.

The shot cuts to the four of them outside again and Martha MacIsaac opens the candy bar to find a golden ticket.

Martha MacIsaac: Guys! Guys! Congratulations to the lucky finder of
this golden ticket. I invite you to come to my factory and be my guest
for one whole day.

Paul Rust: Guys, we have to go. We gotta go!

The shot cuts to black and opens with the four of them entering a dimly lit room.

Nicky Whelan: Hello?

The four of them approach a body that is hanging by chains. Nicky
Whelan reaches out and touches the body. The body jerks up into the
light to reveal a bloodied Paul Sheer.

Paul Sheer: Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Martha MacIsaac: What is this place?

The shot cuts to Christopher Lloyd, dressed up in filthy, Willy Wonka style clothing.

Christopher Lloyd: Welcome to my chocolate factory. It’s time to die!

Martha MacIsaac screams while Paul Rust, Nicky Whelan and Zack Gilford
back away. Christopher Lloyd starts a record and a version of the umpa
lumpa song is heard.

Song: Umpa lumpa, loopedy do, I’ve got a perfect puzzle for you.

Martha MacIsaac and Zack Gilford are seen running toward the door and is slams shut.

Martha MacIsaac: No!

Nicky Whelan is seen trapped in some form of cage.

Nicky Whelan: Help!

Christopher Lloyd is seen pulling a lever and sparks fly. The shot cuts
to Zack Gilford, Paul Rust, Nicky Whelan, and Martha MacIsaac running
down a hall, looking for a way out. The shot cuts to Christopher Lloyd
screaming at Paul Rust.

Christopher Lloyd: You stole Fizzy Lifting Drinks! Aaaaaggggghhhhh!

The shot cuts to Christopher Lloyd lifting his arms and Wee Man and
another little person run out from behind him. The shot cuts to Martha
MacIsaac and Nicky Whelan running and then cuts to Christopher Lloyd
looking demonic. The shot then cuts to Wee Man and the second little
person biting the throat of Paul Rust. Paul Rust screams and Wee Man is
shown with blood all over his mouth and face. The shot cuts to Martha
MacIsaac and Zach Gilford.

Martha MacIsaac: Why is he doing this to us?

Zack Gilford: Don’t you get it? We are the secret ingredient!

The shot cuts to Christopher Lloyd slowly approaching Paul Sheer from
behind. Christopher Lloyd leans in and whispers in Paul Sheer’s ear.

Christopher Lloyd: We meet again Mr. Slotwell.

Paul Sheer screams. The shot cuts to Martha MacIsaac hiding from Wee
Man and the second little person. The shot then cuts to Zack Gilford
screaming through a window.

Zack Gilford: Is anybody there!

The shot then cuts to Nicky Whelan trapped in the cage. Christopher Lloyd reaches through the bars and strokes her hair.

Christopher Lloyd: We are music makers. The dreamers of dreams.

Nicky Whelan screams and the shot cuts to blood on the floor. The title
GOBSTOPPER appears on the screen. Credit information for the fictional
Gobstopper film are shown briefly and then the shot cuts to Christophe

Christopher Lloyd: No one will get my gobstoppers. Woo hoo hoo hoo, hee hee hee. Yes!

The shot cuts to the words COMING SOON and appears beneath.