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Full Credits

Director: Sam Pilling
Executive Producers: Chris Mcllvenny, Amit Nerurkar, Sarah Boardman and Sarah Park
Record Label: Liquid Amber under exclusive license to Mass Appeal Records
Production Company: Pulse Films and Radioacktive Film
Producer: Arlene McGann
Line Producer: Olya Kosenko
Cast: Igor Tsyshkevych and Ian Bailey
DP: David Procter
Art Director: Sergey Vinnichuk
Editing: Ellie Johnson at Speade
Colourist: Simon Bourne at Framestore
Sound Design: Henning Knoepfel
Casting: Nika Bondar and Kharmel Cochrane
Stunt Coordinator: Illia Iurchyshyn
Wardrobe: Dasha Filshyna
Artist Wardrobe: Liene Dobraja
Locations: NYC, London, Kiev

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August 24, 2016


MALE #1: Thank you.
[ microphone feedback ]
- [ clears throat ]
- [ "Nobody Speak" starts ]
El-P: [ rapping ]
♪ Picture this
I'm a bag of dicks ♪
El-P: ♪ Put me to your lips
I am sick ♪
El-P: ♪ I will punch a
baby bear in his shit ♪
El-P: ♪ Give me lip
I'ma send you to the yard,
get a stick, make a switch ♪
El-P: ♪ I can end a
conversation real quick ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ I am crack
I ain't lying kick a lion
in his crack ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ I'm the shit
I will fall off in your crib,
take a shit ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ Pinch your momma on the booty,
kick your dog, fuck your bitch ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ Fat boy dressed up like he's
Santa and took pictures with your kids ♪
El-P: ♪ We the best
We will cut a frowny face
in your chest ♪
El-P: ♪ Little wench
I'm unmentionably fresh,
I'm a mensch ♪
El-P: ♪ Get correct
I will walk into a court while erect,
screaming "Yes" ♪
El-P: ♪ I am guilty
motherfuckers I am death ♪
El-P: ♪ Hey, you wanna
hear a good joke ♪
♪ Nobody speak,
nobody get choked ♪
El-P: ♪ Get running ♪
El-P: ♪ Start pumping your
bunions, I'm coming ♪
El-P: ♪ I'm the dumbest, who flamethrow
your function to Funyuns ♪
El-P: ♪ Flame your crew quicker than
Trump fucks his youngest ♪
El-P: ♪ Now face the flame fuckers
your fame and fate's done with ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ I rob Charlie Brown,
Peppermint Patty,
Linus and Lucy ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ Put coke in the doobie roll
woolies to smoke with Snoopy ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ I still remain that dick grabbing
slacker that spit a loogie ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ Cause the tolda of the toolie'll
murder you friggin' Moolies ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ Fuck outta here, yeah ♪
El-P: ♪ Nobody speak,
nobody get choked, hey ♪
El-P: ♪ Nobody speak,
nobody get choked, hey ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ Nobody speak ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ Nobody speak ♪
El-P: ♪ Only facts I will shoot a
baby duck if it quacks ♪
El-P: ♪ With a Ruger ♪
El-P: ♪ Top billin', come cops
and villainous ♪
El-P: ♪ Shots is blocked, shipped out,
and bought, and you're feeling it ♪
El-P: ♪ El-P killing it
Killer Mike killing shit ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ What more can I say?
We top dealing it ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ Valiant without villainy
Viciously file victory ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ Burn towns and villages
Burning looting and pillaging ♪
El-P: ♪ Murderers try to hurt us
we curse them and all their children ♪
El-P: ♪ I just want the bread and
bologna bundles to tuck away ♪
El-P: ♪ I don't work for free
I am barely giving a fuck away ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ So tell baby Johnny and
Mommy to get the fuck away ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ Heyyo here's a gun son
now run get it to gutterway ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ Live to shoot
another day ♪
El-P: ♪ Nobody speak,
nobody get choked, hey ♪
El-P: ♪ Nobody speak,
nobody get choked, hey ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ Nobody speak ♪
Killer Mike: ♪ Nobody speak ♪
♪ Nobody speak,
nobody get choked ♪
[ screaming ]
[ music ends ]