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September 08, 2010


Open with a shot of the office.

"Connect to everything you love in life."

Woman: I’ve been working here for 3 years and I never dreamed I could be this happy
working in Canada.

CEO: Research in Motion was named the fastest growing company in the world
despite the recession. But more importantly, it was named one of Canada’s top
employers, and we can’t wait for you to work with us. How? Just go to We have exciting positions open just for you,
including such positions as: programmer, analyst, product tester. Don’t feel qualified
for a RIM job? Don’t worry, we offer extensive training in our state of the art training
facilities. No more working at that menial job.

Employee testimonial: I used to be a handi man fixing bathtubs, working with wrenches,
hammers, caulking guns, the whole deal. I’d be down on my knees all day, it killed my
back. And the caulk would always get all over my hands and I’d get it all over me and
I’d come home with caulk all over my face. My wife wouldn’t even kiss me. So one day
she recommended a RIM job. Now I don’t have to deal with caulk in my face, thanks

CEO: RIM jobs are rewarding. Change the way the world communicates. There’s
nothing to lose! We want to give you a RIM job today!