A group of normal friends enjoy a normal dinner in a normal restaurant. Nothing about this dinner is strange.

Full Credits

Director: Kirk Larsen
Writer: Benjamin Apple
Editor: Benjamin Apple
Pete: Benjamin Apple
Kate: Ashleigh Hairston
Tim: Ryan Williams
Amy: Malin Von Euler-Hogan
Pete's Best Friend: Taylor Moore
Diner 1: Katie Powers
Diner 2: Gerrit Goosen
Diner 3: Marcella Riley
Diner 4: Alec Scholzen
Cinematographer: Shadi Chabaan
AC: Mason Harrelson
Gaffer: Derek James Robinson
Key Grip: Jesus Yanez
Sound Mixer: Nathan Whitcomb
Sound Editor: Kristian Hayden
Colorist: Kai Krause
Executive Producer: Darren Miller

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December 27, 2016


[jazz music]
[female] So we took him to the
vet and had him put down.
- Oh.
- Oh, that's too bad.
- I'm so sorry.
- Well, he deserved it.
Hey guys. My name is Pete.
I'll be your server tonight.
Can I interest you in the specials?
- Sure.
- So first we have a
pan seared sea bass that
comes on a bed of beans.
Next we have a vegetarian
split pea soup.
The ingredients of
which arrived in a box
that was smeared with [bleep].
And finally we have
a nice pork chop.
What was the second one again?
That's our vegetarian
split pea soup.
Very smoky. Very flavorful.
And it comes with a piece of an
extra thick dipping bread on the side.
- [clears throat]
- And the peas to the soup
was made with arrived in a
crate that was smeared all over
with some kind of [bleep].
Can you tell me a little bit
more about the bread,
and then also
explain the [bleep] part?
- Sure.
- Hey Pete.
You have a phone call.
OK. I'm just doing the specials.
I'll be there in a minute.
- OK.
- Sorry about that.
So, the bread is a
wheat-free vegan take
- on a classic sourdough--
- [sneeze]
And the split peas arrived
this morning in bulk
in a 30-pound crate, and
on the outside of the crate
there was a healthy, heeping helping
of some kind of [bleep].
We don't know why the [bleep]
was there, or where it came from.
Question did any of the
[bleep] wind up in the soup?
And also you called
it dipping bread.
Is that just bread that you dipped?
No. It's bread that you dip,
and we don't think any [bleep]
wound up in the soup, but...
I mean, we're just humans.
- We make mistakes.
- Hey Pete.
They called again, and
they said it was very important.
OK. Did they say who it is?
- Yes.
- OK.
You're welcome.
Could we circle back
to the sea bass?
You mentioned that that was
served on a bed o' beans.
What kind of beans
would that be?
That would be a bed o' pinto beans,
and you didn't have any questions
about the [bleep] this time.
So, I guess I just won't mention
it in this chunk of dialogue.
- [dog barking]
- Actually, my next question
is entirely about the [bleep].
- Sure.
- So, it seems like you're pretty
comfortable talking about the fact that
some of the ingredients arrived
today in a crate
covered in [bleep]--
- Yeah.
- And I'm just wondering
if that's a regular occurrence here.
Right. Well, that's a great question.
- Thank you.
- [Mac startup chime]
I'm not sure, because I've only
worked here for nine years, but--
Hey Pete.
They called again and they said
that your dad died.
- OK.
- No worries.
Cool. So, are we ready to order?
You know what,
I'll have a bowl of the soup.
I'll have two soups.
And I'll have a full-size
chocolate birthday cake
unsliced with a bowl
of soup on the side.
And... I'm gonna have the soup too.
Great. Thanks guys.
- I love you.
- Love you.
[both] Love you.