Superman once again proves to be the most unoriginal superhero.

Full Credits

Written by Dan Abramson
Animation by Hector M. Padilla
Zack Poitras as Superman
Matt Klinman as Batman
Producer: Rob Hatch-Miller
Editor: Carina Jollie


♪ ♪
[Superman]: Oh, Batman.
Honk. Honk.
What the fuck?
Notice something different about me, huh?
You're driving a Batmobile.
I mean, I wouldn't call it the Batmobile,
'cause you definitely have something similar,
and I thought, you know...
it's pretty cool right?
Like, now we're like buddies with cars.
The Batmobile isn't like a
common make and model of a car.
You just went and ripped off my car.
Just because someone has
a cool looking car doesn't mean you
can't also go and get that exact car.
You can't just get this car!
You had to have had this car made.
I had it made by someone who
is very intimate with your car.
-So who cares?
-Who made your car?
It was uh... I mean you know...
well, I guess he's professionally
kind of like a clown.
-A clown?
He's like a naughty clown.
Was it the Joker?
-It was the Joker yes.
-You had the Joker make your own Batmobile?
I-I can't believe you did this.
-What are you talking about?
-Was Joker laughing the whole time?
I mean, he's all like...
He laughs a lot.
I also like to think I was being pretty
funny while it was all happening, so--
-He was laughing at you!
-I don't think so--
-He wasn't laughing with you.
-Look, you know,
it's been hard for me not having a...
not having any parents my whole life.
You have parents.
-You have adopted parents.
No. Now, I'm...
I'm just going to start thinking
and saying, and telling people that I...
I was orphaned... My parents were stabbed or shot or--
No! I'm an orphan.
-That's my origin--
--That's extremely insensitive.
Yeah, it's insensitive. Uh!
What are you doing?
What? What are you doing?
No. You don't get to take my voice.
I don't know what you're talking about.
This is the voice of a man who was orphaned,
and now has become the knight--
Become the knight!
Who the fuck is that?
Who the fuck is that old
man getting into your car?
Oh. That's Alford. Alford!
-Mm-hmm. Alford. Yep.
He looks like he's 90 years old.
He can't even figure out how to get into the car.
Look at that. He's like just patting it.
Jiggle the handle Alford.
You're a copycatter.
What you do is you copycat.
You're a copycatter.
I have no clue what you're talking about.
Have you seen my new mask by the way?
Check out this new mask.
What the fuck?
That's my mask.
What... No. No, no, no.
It's my mask.
Wait a minute, wait a minute,
you're putting the rest of this costume on.
Well now it's just two Batmans standing here.
You know what? Fuck it.
Have it all Superman. I don't care.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey.
We don't need to be getting naked here, okay?
Yes we do.
This is me.
Everything else apparently can be
stolen and co-opted by someone else,
but this, this is me. I'm Batman.
Look at this. We're both circumcised.
Do you see that? We're both circumcised.
Do you see? Look, I'm naked too.
-Fuck you man!
-Do you see that?
Fuck you!
If I... if I knew you were in a bad
mood before this I wouldn't have come.
I wasn't in a bad mood!
I was watering my fucking bougainvillea,
which has been doing good by the way.
Oh yeah. You should see mine over there--
---they are blooming.