Big Bird gets an internship at Funny Or Die because he wants to be a comedy writer when he grows up.

Full Credits

Gaffer: Sean C. Li
Production Coordinator: Andy Deloach
Sound Recordist: Ted Robinson, Silver Sound
1st AC: Matt Manning
Art Department Assistant: Kathleen Dycaico
PAs: Anna Aronson, Suzy Weiss & Jack Walden


Male Voice: Alright, if everyone
could just submit
their Coachella for Dogs
jokes by 4 P.M.,
and other than that, unless
anyone has anything,
I think we're all done here.
Yeah Mike, what's up?
What's Big Bird doing here?
Oh, right.
You guys, this is Big Bird.
He's going to be interning
with us here at Funny or Die
for the fall.
Big Bird: I want to be a comedy
writer when I grow up,
Big Bird: and a fireman,
Big Bird: and an astronaut.
Well Big Bird, hopefully
we'll be able to help
you out with
that first one.
Welcome aboard.
Big Bird: More like,
welcome a-bird.
Big Bird: (laughs) This is going
to be easy.
Will Ferrell: I thought I was clear in my email--
Big Bird: (laughs)
(video is still playing)
Hey Big Bird.
Big Bird: Oh hey Mike.
Oh, I wanted to thank you
again for the standing nest.
Oh-oh, it's no problem
Big Bird.
Listen, we need to talk
about your sketch.
Big Bird: Oh, do you like it?
Uh, I mean, it's definitely
good, it's just
not what we mean by sketch,
you know. It's supposed
to be funny.
Big Bird: Ooh.
Big Bird: What if I give
you a mustache?
(phone rings)
One please.
Zach: Hey Big Bird.
Big Bird: Hi Zach.
Is this your list of
polite words?
Big Bird: Yes it is.
Big Bird: Why don't you go ahead.
Could you...
Big Bird: Sorry.
Zach: It's okay.
(printer sounds)
Big Bird: Did you see that
game yesterday?
Which game?
Big Bird: The kickball game?
No. I didn't catch it.
Big Bird: Hmm.
Big Bird: Oh, hi Nate.
Oh Big Bird, did you
happen to take over the
Fresh Direct order?
Big Bird: Sure did.
Big Bird: The worms weren't alive
until tomorrow.
Oh great.
Big Bird: I'll just sweep up then?
Yeah, that'll be great.
Thanks Big Bird.
Big Bird: No problem.
Big Bird: You're tracking.
Alright guys, we had a
really good week last week.
Count Von Count: (accent) Seven.
Seven views.
Wait, do you work here
now too?
Let's just jump right in
to new pitches.
Back to school fashion?
Day light saving?
Count Von Count: The number 4?
Actually, the number 4 is
in the news right now.
Big Bird: Oh, I have another idea.
Big Bird: Maybe we could change
the name of the website to
Big Bird: Funny or Good Try.
Big Bird: So that way everyone knows
that even if their
Big Bird: video wasn't the best
we're still really proud
Big Bird: of them for trying.
Big Bird: What do you think Oscar?
For the last time, I'm
not Oscar.
Matt, you do live in a trash
can though.
Yeah, but--
Big Bird: You know, Gordon says
that when I turn 7, he'll
Big Bird: make me a bunk nest.
So you're all welcome to stay
Big Bird: with me.
Wait, I'm sorry, Big Bird, you're
not even seven?
Big Bird: No, I'm 6.
Big Bird: This is for kindergarten
Are we allowed to
hire 6 year olds?
Big Bird: Okay, byee.
All: Bye Big Bird!
Come back when you're
in college.
Hey, what's up Big Bird?
You ready to go?
Big Bird: I'm ready Bobby.
All: Whoa!
Big Bird: Okay, can we stop at the
play ground on the way?
Yeah, we can stop at every
playing ground. C'mon man.
Big Bird: (laughs)
(Funny or Die ending jingle)