A deep dive into the making of America's greatest manufactured product: the political scandal.

Full Credits

Cast - Pamela Murphy & Brian Rosenthal
Director - Travis Helwig
Writer - Travis Helwig & Michael Burke
Editor - Caleb Swyers
Animation - Michael Burke
Director of Photography - Aaron Ulrich
Gaffer - Matt Sweeney
Hair & Makeup - Emily Rae
Sound Mixer - Kelly Newman
Executive Producer - Michael Burke
Executive Producer - Matt Pittman
Producer - Nate Vaughan
Production Coordinator - Terrell Amezcuo
VP of Partner Content - Kellyn Parker


Male Voiceover:
In 2015, nothing
enthralls the masses quite
like an offensive gaffe,
an insensitive tweet,
or a full on photo of a
politician's genitals, but
how does something go
from honest mistake to
honestly, your career is over.
Today on How It's Built,
we take a look at
political scandals.
Male Voiceover:
Like any product
a political scandal must
begin with a few simple raw
materials. Common recipes
include closeted middle aged man,
plus cell phone camera, plus
blood thirsty media,
or racist old cook, plus
Twitter, plus blood thirsty media,
or horny and racist man,
plus his maid, plus owning
a basketball team, plus
blood thirsty media.
Alcohol is introduced, and
within 15 minutes
the highly combustible object
emerges as 10,000 greet
tweets, and 2 poorly
researched Gawker articles.
Currently we understand
scandals to take shape in
different categories.
Category 1 are your
typical run of the mill
career enders generally
labeled blank gate,
Watergate, SnapChat-gate,
I have no memory of
ever meeting that woman-gate.
The category 2 scandals,
those are much more serious.
Cat 2 scandals exist when
you have a semi direct
correlation between a
scandalous behavior, and
the name of the politician
in question.
Male Voiceover:
For example,
when a man with a (inaudible) wiener
shows his,
well (inaudible), the scandal
blossoms into something much larger.
Also when Representative Dooger
is caught picking a
booger, or when Congressman Boner
is caught sporting a well...
Once properly sorted,
category 1 scandals are
sent home shamed. While
category 2 scandals
are transported to hungry
consumers including
hour news channels,
comedy websites, and
uninformed commenters
on every article your aunt
ever posts to Facebook.
Much like politicians
themselves most
scandals have immersively
short shelf life.
Soon every scandal is
replaced by a newer sexier
scandal. Like this time
maybe it's gay stuff.
At this point, the politicians
are permitted
to return home, shamed,
broken, and soon to be
worth millions more than
they were before the
scandal broke.
I'm talking,
Clinton rich.
Male Voiceover:
For How It's Built those are
political scandals.
(Funny or Die ending jingle)