has karnov and karnov boy going to audition room. has meet from family jomama. has... more »

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August 15, 2012


and check out your this trans scripts :

bapak jomama :
hello karnov and karnov boy. what the fucking ass hole
this are you ready you make a dance is ??!!.

bapak jomama :
this your karnov and karnov boy are you this
make a dance this music video where you shit!?

karnov boy :
hey family jomama. has name is karnov and karnow boy.
i am dancing korean k-pop is are you ready?.

bapak jomama :
yes. you make a dancing is karnov and karnov boy.
i you know this are you ready dancing this is me.

jomama :
holy shit!. what the fucking hot girls ass fuck hole!
you where make a dance this where are you daddy?!.

bapak jomama :
okay let's dancing from k-pop style this your turn
on music in computer or from audience has watching!.

jomama :
oh fucking glasses hot bikini grils boobs fucking ass hole!
you are karnov you are make a dancing is ?!.

karnov boy :
let's dance for audience!!!