Jesus in College. A collection of scenes the bible left out.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Produced and Written: Seth Allison
Director of Photography: Scott Salas, Kyle Helf
Edited by: Seth Allison
Starring: Jesus- Seth Allison
Judas- Zach Garrett
Mary- Lacey Gibson
Peter- Jeff Loveness
Andrew- Michael Montgomery
James- Blake Curtis
John- Hayden Christensen
Phillip- Stephen McNeil
Bartholomew- Kyle Helf
Matthew- Robby Devillez
Thomas- Michael Thomas Visgar
James-Ay- Mishy Turner
Thaddeus- Tucker Alleborn
Simon the Zeallot- Matt Robinson
Bethany- Emily Branch
Holly - Torri Bunn
Professor/Santa: Josh Downs
L.R. Russ(Cadaver): Dale Reicheneder
Friends: Dante Carr, Megan Baker, Jessie Jolliff, Michelle Hurlbut, Kinsey Cronin
Water Polo Players: Jacob Young, Matthew Saviskis, Sean King
Students: Megan Baker, Sophia Bien, T'Essence Minnitee, Mason Hankins, Candace Lowry, , Jeannie Purcar, Morgan Jefferson
Makeup by: David McKee
Music Mixed by Jared LaGroue
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