Rebecca is so excited to tell you about her handy new product, inspired from the world of modeling.
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Additional Credits:
Starring Rebecca Romijn
Featuring Jerry Wolf, Mary Holland, Ally Hord, Bette Bentley, Alicia St. Louis, Elle Sunkara, Bryan Safi
Written by Ally Hord
Directed by Lauren Palmigiano
DP: Jonathan Nicholas
Producer: Bette Bentley
Editor: John Ford
Color Correction: Andy Maxwell
AD - John McKay
1st AC - Matthew Knudsen
2nd AC - Adam Bial
DIT - Joel Terry
Gaffer - Joseph Booth
BB Electric - Joseph Henderson
Key Grip - Jason Webster
BB Grip - Brad Carr
Grip - Matt Sweeney
Production Designer - Tricia Robertson
Art Director - Mike Robertson
Makeup - Brenna Haukendahl
Sound Mixer - Ryan Kaiser
Wardrobe - Tala Bakhtar
PA - Andrew Grissom & Cole Mcfarlane
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Rebecca Romijn: Hi. I'm actress and model Rebecca Romijn.
Rebecca Romijn: And if you're like me, you're a busy modern woman
Rebecca Romijn: who has to juggle it all. Life, kids, work, husband. You name it.
Rebecca Romijn: So, it's not surprising that most women forget to juggle themselves.
Rebecca Romijn: But as a model, there's a little trick I discovered
Rebecca Romijn: to make sure I'm always supporting myself.
Rebecca Romijn: That's why I'm introducing the Hand Bra
Rebecca Romijn: by Rebecca Romijn. My hands are the bra!
Rebecca Romijn: It's a hand bra!
Rebecca Romijn: And it comes in this size.
Rebecca Romijn: Whether I'm on my feet at work
Rebecca Romijn: Or having a night on the town. Oh, uh oh.
Rebecca Romijn: The Rebecca Romijn Hand Bra is the only bra designed to support me during any activity
Rebecca Romijn: without leaving lines or pinching.
Rebecca Romijn: For over twenty years I've been developing the Hand Bra
Rebecca Romijn: everywhere from Sports Illustrated to GQ.
Rebecca Romijn: That's because the Hand Bra can transform into multiple different styles for any occasion.
Rebecca Romijn: But don't take my word for it. Listen to one of my many satisfied customers.
Laura: I just love the Hand Bra by Rebecca Romijn. As long as
Laura: you know, you're within a fifteen minute drive of the LA area
Laura: and it's between the hours of 11AM and 4PM.
Rebecca Romijn: Or at night if you find me a babysitter.
Laura: I'll be honest, it's not that convenient. I do have to be topless
Laura: which makes it hard for me to have a normal life in public.
Laura: My friends won't go out with me anymore.
Rebecca Romijn: I'm your friend.
Laura: No! No, no, no, no.
Rebecca Romijn: Sorry.
Rebecca Romijn: And coming soon, the Hand Cup for men.
Rebecca Romijn: Ew. Oh, gross. No one will like that. I changed my mind about the hand cup.
Rebecca Romijn: Is that, um, hey, is that Romaine lettuce?
Laura: Mm-hmm.
Rebecca Romijn: Rebecca Romijn.
Laura: Mm-hmm. It is.
Rebecca Romijn: Can...can I have a bite?