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Will Ferrell, Jon Hamm, Olivia Wilde, Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant, Masi Oka, Jordana Spiro, Linda Cardellini, Donald Faison
Written by Lauren Palmigiano, Chad Carter & Peter Koechley
Directed by Drew Antzis
Produced by Chris Bruss, Lauren Palmigiano, Laura Dawn of MoveOn.org & Peter Salett
Edited by Drew Antzis & Laura Dawn
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Voiceover: (whispers) Exclusive
Jon Hamm: Something terrible is
Will Ferrell: Something terrible is
Together: Something terrible is
Together: Something terrible is
Will Ferrell: Health insurance executives
are getting a bad rap.
Olivia Wilde: As the health care debate
heats up...
Donald Faison: we need to remember who the
real victims are.
Jon Hamm: Health insurance executives.
Thomas Lennon: People are saying a lot of
mean things
Thomas Lennon: about health insurance
companies and their
Thomas Lennon: executives and it's
gotta stop.
Jordana Spiro: These great businessmen are
American heroes.
Will Ferrell: So why is Obama trying to
reform health care when
Will Ferrell: insurance companies are doing
just fine making billions of
Will Ferrell: dollars of profit?
Donald Faison: Obama why?
Jordana Spiro: Insurance companies need our
support because they keep our
Jordana Spiro: selfish priorities in check
when we can't.
Robert Ben Garant: Please, doctor, my daughter's
dying. She needs medication.
Olivia Wilde: Think about somebody else
for once.
Donald Faison: If my kid falls off his bike
and breaks his leg, he should
Donald Faison: have to pay that money out of
pocket. Out of his allowance.
Jordana Spiro: How else is he going to learn
not to fall off that bike?
Will Ferrell: And insurance companies are
detail oriented enough to
Will Ferrell: deny claims for things like
typos. If you spell something
Will Ferrell: wrong, do you really deserve
surgery? I don't think so.
Jon Hamm: Eighty percent of the
American public support the
Jon Hamm: public plan because it would
give quality care people can
Jon Hamm: actually afford.
Thomas Lennon: But, when you think about it,
who's really supporting it,
Thomas Lennon: other than eighty percent of
the American people?
Jordana Spiro: And the public option would
make insurance companies
Jordana Spiro: lower their prices and give
better service in order to compete.
Donald Faison: What's so American
about competition?
Jordana Spiro: The health insurance
companies are huge.
Jon Hamm: They need to make big profits
so they can afford to give
Jon Hamm: their employees health
Olivia Wilde: Believe me, that stuff's
not cheap.
Thomas Lennon: It makes sense.
Will Ferrell: Insurance CEOs have a right
to their American dream.
Masi Oka: And it's five houses.
Robert Ben Garant: Private plane.
Linda Cardellini: Five hundred million dollars
in your pocket.
Will Ferrell: And a mini-zoo in your back
yard for exotic animals like
Will Ferrell: a white tiger and
pygmy horses.
Olivia Wilde: Insurance companies offer
you variety.
Donald Faison: They can change the price, and terms
of your plan at any time or stop
Donald Faison: covering you altogether.
Jordana Spiro: Do you want to get rid of
those options?
Will Ferrell: So join us in the fight to
protect our insurance company
Will Ferrell: profits. They've looked out
for our best interests for so long.
Altogether: Now we should look out for theirs.
Thomas Lennon: And I'm not being sarcastic.
Not at all.
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