Hilary Duff is a mother to be and she sits down to share a few of her pregnancy beauty secrets with you all.

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Starring Hilary Duff
Written & Directed by Alex Fernie
Produced by Christin Trogan
Edited by Brett Bachman
Director of Photography: Luca del Puppo
Production Design: Ellie del Campo & Martin Vallejo
Associate Producer & 1st AD: Greg Kindra
Additional photo-editing effects: John Ford
2nd AD: Evan Robichaud
1st AC/DIT: Hong Yin Ao
Gaffer: Nilo Zimmerman
Best Boy Electric: Eric Tolzmann
Key Grip: Aleks Abad
Sound Mixer: John Maynard
Makeup Artists: Ashley Ann Harris & Lauren Andersen
Special Effects Makeup: Michelle Chung-Aiello
Hair Stylist: Marcus Francis
Wardrobe Stylist: Aubrey Binzer
Production Assistants: Ross Buran & Christa Patterson
Also featuring: Alena Mekelburg, Taylor Orci, Allison Hord & the face of Brian Lane
Special thanks: Susan & Cami Curtis, Ryan Atkinson, and Avenue Six Studios of Van Nuys


[music playing]

>> Hilary Duff: Hi, I'm Hilary Duff. It takes a lot of work to look this good, when you're this pregnant. As

everyone knows, pregnancy causes morning sickness, weight gain, and of course rampant, excessive

hair growth, all over your body. After I got pregnant, my hormones caused so much hair growth, that I

felt like a yeti, or a Robin Williams. I was embarrassed to go out of the house. I thought I'd never have

clean hairless skin again, but then I discovered Nogrowactiv System, from the makers of Proactiv. Now,

you can tell I actually have two eyebrows! I had tried everything to get rid of my unsightly face and body

hair. But seriously, who has time to shave their back twice a day? I tried electrolysis, plucking, and even

painful daily waxing, but nothing worked. Eventually, I had had enough. So I called and ordered

Nogrowactiv, and in just thirty days, I said goodbye to all the unwanted back hair, unattractive lady

mustaches, and unmanageable knuckle hair.

>> Jane: High school was tough. Thanks to a rare genetic disorder and my Greek heritage, I used to

look like a Diane Arbus photo. But now, since I've discovered Nogroactiv, everything's great!

>> Elsa: Like so many women my age, I hit an old lady with my car and had a gypsy curse placed on me

that caused hair to grow all over my body. With Nogrowactiv, no one can tell!

>> Aly: Until Nogrowactiv, I didn't even know I was a woman.

>> Hilary: Nogrowactiv is truly a miracle. It will get rid of that excess hair, make you feel more alive, and

make you more likely to give birth to a baby made entirely of hair. One hundred percent more likely.

Other side effects include: wait, what the?

Announcer: Nogrowactiv is not responsible for the care or upbringing of any hair babies. Hair babies

may or may not be the embodiment of evil.

[evil laughter]

>> Demonic Voice: Hair baby, hair baby, hair baby.