Mankind faces a new threat as Ben Affleck's Batman embarks on a personal vendetta against ... Santa Claus.

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Holly Hunter: Holly Hunter: Today, is a day
for truth.
Holly Hunter: Holly Hunter: The world needs to know
what happened, and
Holly Hunter: Holly Hunter: to know what he
stands for.
Holly Hunter: Holly Hunter: That kind of power
is very dangerous.
David Krumholtz: David Krumholtz: Fire places will no longer
be a problem.
And you can wear the
jumpsuit under your coat and pants.
Holly Hunter: Holly Hunter: Let the record show that
this committee holds him responsible.
This is our perpetrator. He believes
himself to be Santa Clause.
Jeremy Irons: Jeremy Irons: That's
how it starts.
Jeremy Irons: Jeremy Irons: The fever, the rage, that
turns good men cruel.
Henry Cavill: Henry Cavill: This vigilante is like a
one man reign of terror.
Laurence Fishburne: You don't get to decide
what the right thing is.
You're supposed to
drink milk.
Tim Allen: Do you want this
doll or not?
Amy Adams: Amy Adams: This means something.
Amy Adams: Amy Adams: It's all some people have.
It's all that gives them hope.
Jesse Eisenberg: Do you know the oldest
lie in America Senator?
Jesse Eisenberg: Jesse Eisenberg: Devils don't come from Hell
beneath us. They come
Jesse Eisenberg: Jesse Eisenberg: from the sky.
Ben Affleck: 20 years in Gotham, and how
many good guys are left?
Ben Affleck: How many stayed
that way?
Ben Affleck: Ben Affleck: He has the power to wipe
out the entire human race.
Tim Allen: I'm in charge here.
Ben Affleck: Ben Affleck: I have to destroy him.
Tim Allen: I hate to blow my own horn.
Male Voiceover: He's not Santa.
Tim Allen: You don't believe in
Santa do you?
Tim Allen: Wait a minute.
What's this?
Jeremy Irons: Jeremy Irons: You're going to
go to war?
Tim Allen: Tim Allen: I need the naughty
and nice one.
Jeremy Irons: Jeremy Irons: He is not our enemy.
Male Voiceover: Are you growling at me?
Jesse Eisenberg: Jesse Eisenberg: Black and blue.
God versus man.
Tim Allen: Merry Christmas.
Jesse Eisenberg: Day versus night.
Let Santa go.
Jesse Eisenberg: The red capes are coming.
Jesse Eisenberg: Jesse Eisenberg: The red capes are coming.
Tim Allen: Christmas is getting
very complicated.