An adorably awkward IT guy finally gets a shot with the girl of his dreams - shortly after a zombie apocalypse.

Full Credits

Director: Brandon Ravet
Writers: Andy Goldenberg, Lauren Goldenberg
Executive Producer: Andy Goldenberg
Producers: Cameron Fife, Michael J. Wickham, Brandon Ravet
DP: Frank Mobilio
Editors: Andy Goldenberg, Brandon Ravet
Andy Goldenberg
Aqueela Zoll
Composer: Jonathan Bartz
1st Assistant Director: Ricardo Herrera
Key Grip: Beau Johnson
Gaffer: Mike Fischer
Sound Mixer: Armando Macias
Colorists: Frank Mobilio and Gerry Curtis
Hair/Makeup: Rebecca Kuzma
Theme Song "Waiting at the End of the World" by The Sibley's
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