James Franco & Bill Hader send out a special birthday message to Sam Raimi - Willem Defore makes a special guest appearance too.

Full Credits

Starring James Franco & Bill Hader
Produced by Vince Jolivette
Director of Photography: Pedro Milan Gomez


Voiceover>Exclusive.James, you're on in five.I know it's his birthday!Hello James.Who are you?It's me.Oh.I don't know.I'm not your son.OK.But no, everything's not OK.Well at least you lasted through three movies.Look, Sam likes me, OK?If he liked you, he would haveHe wanted me for Spiderman!Yeah, and if Sam had his way,Look, Sam's my friend.No one's Sam Raimi's friend.I love him.Oh, no one loves Sam Raimi.He's a great director!Did you see Crimewave?Yeah.I saw that movie on an airplane,That is messed up, Willem.You don't need him.I do need him!No you don't!No, I love Spiderman!Avenge me!No!Avenge me!Why?'Cause it's the only thing I know to say!Wait, no!I'm getting a phone call.Psst, psst!I'm actually sitting here with James.Yeah, he's seen it.I'll get you a DVD.He's a great director!You ever see Crimewave?Alright, let's get the close-up.I'm sorry.