We added some helpful captions to Fox News’ response to our recent Planned Parenthood video so you can see what they were really thinking.
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Published: August 13, 2015

Dana Perino:
Hilarious, right Kimberly?
Kimberly Guilfoyle:
I mean, I'm really just speechless when
you see something like that.
I don't think that it's okay to make
a mockery of women's health,
or of informed consent, or of doing an
investigation that is much needed.
They are actually doing other woman
a disservice by trying to cover
up the truth.
- I agree. What do you think Greg?
Satire is something that may can work,
but maybe not at this moment
on this topic.
Greg Gutfeld:
Eh, what can they do? I mean
they're in bed with the devil.
It's called Funny or Die, but fetuses
don't have that choice,
because they're already dead.
It's a shame that Funny or Die didn't exist
generations ago,
because it would've been great propagandist
for Stalin.