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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring:  Billy Crystal, Helen Mirren, Rob Reiner, Adam Scott, Rob Riggle, Maya Rudolph, Jennifer Crystal Foley, Mike Tyson, Mike O'Malley, Josh Fadem and Ali Wong
Featuring:  Jenifer Lewis, Andrew Miller, David Sherman, Sara Wells, Renee Taylor, Noell Caroll, Martin Dusig,  Catherine Lydon   
Soccer Girls: Ella Foley,  Anya Maynard, Ella Jean-Sprecher, Tess Feldman, Scarlet Orner, Maeve Carney, Poppy Miller, Blusette Miller
Birthday Girls: Dylan Foley,  Tess Feldman, Ella Jean-Sprecher, Zoe Jean-Sprecher, Laila Mortensen, Scarlet Orner, Zoe Jean-Sprecher & Arrena Dorn
Directed by:  Lindsay Crystal
Written by: Mike Foley and Howie Miller
Executive Producers:  Billy Crystal,  Mike Farah
Produced by:  Allison Hord, Betsy Koch, Samantha Sprecher
Associate Producer:  Liz Lanteri 
Director of Photography:  Clyde Smith 
Edited by:  Pat Bishop
Color Correction: Dustin Bowser
Assistant Director:  Tim Ketchersid
2nd Assistant Director:  Matt Mazany
Script Supervisor: Kristin Owings
Production Designers:  Alexi Gomez, Caity Birmingham, and Martin Vallejo 
Sound: Chad Ubovich for BoTown Sound
VFX: Tooth Animation by Dentity FX
Dental Prosthetics by Gary Archer
SFX Makeup:  Peter Montagna
SFX Makeup Asst:  Steve LaPorte 
Hair/MU:  Joy Zapata
Hair/MU Asst:  Norma Lee 
Wardrobe Stylist: Wendy Greiner
Wardrobe Asst:  Liz Dickson
Key Costumer: Dana Loats  
Camera Operator:  Mat Alcorn
Asst Camera Operator:  Ian Jay
Gaffer: James Childres
Key Grip: Chris Rauch
Best Boy Grip:  Joel Marich
G&E: Casey Desmet, Paul Brown, Cody Caldwell, Mike Primm, Matt Rogers
DIT: Thatcher Kelly  
EPK:  Jordan Martin 
Still photographer:  Tiffany Roohani
Production Assistants:  Alistair Walford, Paul Heikens, Andrew Grissom, Eric Norwine, Saba Zerehi, Russ Fung, Jon Ziskal
Special Thanks to: Hollenbeck Palms, Bill and Peggy Heideman, Paul Linden, Gene Dugan and Alternative Rentals and Gary Archer

Voiceover: (whispered) Exclusive.
Billy: So after Sally passes away,
it's not only about Harry
dealing with the loss,
but also about finding love again.
Rob: Yeah, you know, because people love
Harry and Sally.
They want to know what they're up to now,
even if one of them is dead.
Billy: It's everything
that the first movie was,
but now to the baby boomer crowd.
Executive 1: The boomer
quadrant is blowing up.
Rob: Oh, there's definitely
an audience for this.
Executive 2: I have to say...
Executive 3: Oh, it's genius. It's genius.
Guys, this is the perfect way to do this.
Billy: I'm so glad you think so.
Executive: I just have one little tweak.
Not a big deal.
(bouncy piano music)
Man in blue: It's just like the brochure,
it's pretty great.
Billy: Yeah, yeah.
Daughter: Mom wouldn't have wanted you
in that big house all alone.
She'd want you making new friends, Dad.
Billy: I know.
(music continues)
Helen: The liver and onions please.
I want my flax seed all on the side
and I just want low sodium butter.
And then for dessert I'll
have the tapioca pudding,
but I want sugar free whipped cream
but if you don't have sugar free,
then I'll just have a
scoop of cottage cheese
with seedless berries but
if you don't have seedless,
I won't have anything at all. Thank you.
(mumbled) Have I got
something on my mouth?
Harry, you don't want to
be with someone like me.
I'm difficult.
Billy: Are you kidding?
I love everything about
you and trust me, when
you realize you want
to spend the rest of your life with
(stumbles over words), the
thing; I'm getting old.
Helen: Harry.
(Billy screams)
Billy: What did you do to me?
Helen: Well, you said you wanted to spend
the rest of your life with me.
Billy: Yeah, 10, 15 years
tops, but not eternity.
Voiceover: B52.
Lady in red: Bingo.
Helen: Oh, bollocks.
Woman at soccer: So your dad's
got a new girlfriend, huh?
Daughter: Apparently.
Woman at soccer: Seems nice and pale.
Daughter: He says she hates the sun.
Billy: Come on ref, open your eyes.
Ref: Suck it, old man. (laughs)
Helen: Hungry?
Billy: What's the matter?
Helen: His balls are in the way.
Billy: Well, give them to me.
Helen: They're too big.
Billy: Pass the whole sac.
Rabbi: I will now cut the foreskin.
(baby crying)
Helen: Down.
Group: Mazel tov.
Daughter: Grandpa, take a picture.
Billy: Everybody smile now.
Oh, I'm liking that.
Helen: You don't eat
the entertainment before
they entertain. Who does that?
Billy: Spleen.
Helen: I don't feed between meals.
Billy: I'll roll down the window.
Aw, shit.
(Older man crying)
Helen: Ugh, yuck. Coumadin, dammit.
Officer: Bed bugs?
Mike: Bed bugs, my ass. We gotto kill us
some mother fucking grampires.
Ye, yep, yep, yep.
Helen: (moaning in pleasure) Yes!
Lady in pink: I'll have what she...Ahh!
Billy: Fantastic, right?
Rob: We got to give it
to you, we didn't see it.
Billy: Didn't see it.
Executive: I think it...
Executive 3: I think it was great.
I think we have something
really, really special.
You guys are firing on all cylinders.
I feel like...I just
have one little tweak.
Not a big deal.
Helen: So anyway, he was chowing down
on this forearm.
Billy: No, it wasn't a
forearm. It was his thigh.
I was chowing down on this thigh
and here comes this little girl.
Helen: Well anyway, he's always had
this huge appetite.
Billy: I have a very big appetite.
Helen: Yeah.