‘Dirty Grandpa’ costars Zac Efron and Robert De Niro record a special birthday message for Zac’s girlfriend.

Full Credits

Staring - Zac Efron and Robert De Niro
Written by Courtney Davis
Directed by Leslye Headland
Director of Photography - Paul Rondeau
Camera Op - Brian Wengrofsky
1st Assistant Camera - Donavon De Cesare
Gaffer - Sean Li
Key Grip - Min Yip
Art Director - Kimberly Fischer
Art PA - Tara Gonzalez
Hair and Make Up Artist - Raquel Vivve
Sound Mixer - Kevin Kniowski
Production Assistants - Matt Scheffler & Charlie Alberto
Edited by Matt Mayer
Produced by Sean Boyle & Christopher Werner
Special Thanks - Michael Simkin

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January 20, 2016


Zac Efron: That's just incredible.
This guy. Insane.
Zac Efron: So thank you everyone
for tuning in today.
Zac Efron: This is Robert De Niro.
I'm Zac Efron.
Zac Efron: Make sure you check out
Dirty Grandpa January 22.
Zac Efron: Thank you so much.
Robert De Niro: Thanks Zach.
Zac Efron: Dude that's it.
Robert De Niro: See you in
the next life.
Zac Efron: Hey, you know what Bob,
I actually have one, real quick
Zac Efron: favor to ask you. I wanted to
ask you if you could film
Zac Efron: a birthday video for
my girlfriend.
Robert De Niro: Yeah, sure.
Zac Efron: You don't mind?
Robert De Niro: No.
Zac Efron: Thank you so much.
I know you're in a rush.
Zac Efron: Her name's Sami.
Robert De Niro: Sami.
Zac Efron: Alright, go for it.
Robert De Niro: Hey Sami.
Happy birthday.
Robert De Niro: Okay. Cool.
Zac Efron: That was great.
That was good.
Zac Efron: You know what?
That was okay.
Zac Efron: If you don't mind, could
we just try one more?
Zac Efron: Real quick.
Zac Efron: One more. A little
more upbeat.
Zac Efron: That one was a little
bit like down.
Zac Efron: One more?
Robert De Niro: Hey Sami.
Happy birthday.
Zac Efron: That was great.
Thank you.
Zac Efron: Can you just do one more for me
with a little bit more energy?
Robert De Niro: No. Now that was
energetic my friend.
Zac Efron: And you have full
permission to like smile--
Robert De Niro: That's a smile.
Zac Efron: It looks suspiciously a lot
like you're frowning.
Robert De Niro: I'm sorry. You don't know
what you're talking about.
Zac Efron: I don't understand this.
Really, I'm not on your level
Zac Efron: quite yet.
Robert De Niro: I'm going to give you
one more.
Zac Efron: Okay, one more.
Robert De Niro: Come on.
Zac Efron: What if you held these
balloons right here?
Zac Efron: Just hold them right
there in your hand,
Zac Efron: and sing happy
birthday to Sami.
Zac Efron: What do you think
about that?
Zac Efron: What was that?
Zac Efron: Oh my gosh.
Robert De Niro: Make it record.
Zac Efron: No. Now hold the balloons,
and don't let go this time.
Zac Efron: You're being lazy.
This is not the time to quit.
Zac Efron: We're almost done
with this.
Zac Efron: Ready?
Here we go.
Robert De Niro: Happy birthday to
you Sam.
Zac Efron: Dude, you didn't
even sing.
Robert De Niro: That was singing
my friend.
Zac Efron: That was not singing.
Robert De Niro: That was singing.
You didn't hear the melody.
Zac Efron: That's your problem
not mine.
Zac Efron: There's this whole song...
Zac Efron: ♪ Happy birthday to you. ♪
Robert De Niro: That's what I sang.
Zac Efron: No you didn't.
Robert De Niro: Yes, I did.
Alright, you know what?
We're done.
Zac Efron: Bob, please listen to me.
Can we just try a few more ideas?
Zac Efron: Just really quick.
Zac Efron: Pull on that string.
[loud pop]
Zac Efron: Happy birthday Sami!
Zac Efron: Happy birthday Sami.
Zac Efron: Blow on this.
That's awesome.
Zac Efron: Looks like a dick.
Zac Efron: Ahh!
Zac Efron: One last thing with energy,
with enthusiasm this time.
Zac Efron: Can you please light the candles
on Sami's birthday cake?
Robert De Niro: No. I'm sorry. Excuse me,
but I did the birthday message.
Robert De Niro: I sang the birthday song.
It had a lot of energy. It was perfect.
Robert De Niro: So with all due respect, the two
of you's can go fuck yourselves.
Robert De Niro: You hear that Sami.
The two of you can suck my dick.
Zac Efron: Oh my God.
You better love that.
[Funny or Die ending jingle]