See Nick Offerman sing like a donkey.


I can't believe they let some amateur sing
"Take Me Out" to the Ballgame at Wrigley
That's literally the only dream I have in this world
- I seriously doubt you have the pipes for that
You shall regret issuing this challenge
I didn't issue any challenge
Sorry, I get nervous
- Taaaake...
Please stop, stop.
[still attempting to sing in background]
You sound like a donkey being touched inappropriately
You gotta sing from the diaphram, alright?
- Okay
Take a deep breath
[inhaling sound]
Take, me out to the ball, game
I got it, I got it
You're an excellent teacher
Take me out to the ballgame
- No, no, no...
Take me out to the crowd
- No, No...
Okay, Craig, if you are so good at
singing music songs then why don't you do it
I thought you'd never ask
For it's one...
three strikes you're out
At the old...
old ball game
Me and my papa gonna to get some hot dogs
at the old ball game
there'll be popcorn
have us some precious family time
at the old
He sounds exactly the same as me
[baseball game ambience plays]