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James Franco sits down with his grandmother to send out a special message to everyone... more »
Published December 24, 2010 510k views Immortal More Info ยป

James Franco: Here we are, Christmas at the Francos'. There's Davey.

David Franco: Hey.

James Franco: There's grandma. Hey, grandma.

Grandma: Yeah.

James Franco: How's it goin'?

Grandma: Oh, great!

James Franco: You came out from, uh, Ohio to visit us here in California? Palo Alto, California.

Grandma: I do it every year.

James Franco: You do? You got a Santa hat on?

Grandma: I do. I'm the number one Santa.

James Franco: That's weird, because you, you're Jewish.

Grandma: I'm part Jewish. [Laughs]

James Franco: [Laughs] But, but you like playing Santa?

Grandma: I love playing Santa.

James Franco: That's great. Well, you came to the premier of my new movie 127 Hours in New York, is that right?

Grandma: I certainly did.

James Franco: Did you like it?

Grandma: I loved it.

James Franco: You did? You watched the whole thing, I see you're wearing a shirt that says that you kept your eyes open.

Grandma: I'm so proud of you.

James Franco: [Laughs] But it was an enjoyable movie?

Grandma: It certainly was.

James Franco: Well, there are some people that, um, hear about this movie and they're a little scared to see it. And, uh, I was wondering if you could tell everybody what you, what you thought of those people.

Grandma: I think they're a bunch of pussies! [Laughs]

James Franco: Merry Christmas!

Grandma: [Laughing]

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