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December 17, 2015


♪ Greg and Charmaine are
a lot like you ♪
♪ They may argue a bit, but
then later they'll screw ♪
♪ Greg and Charmaine ♪
Radio Voice: What if he
doesn't survive.
Radio Voice: He's worth a lot to me.
Mommy, daddy, did Boba
Fett die?
V. Kim Blish: Yes baby, Boba Fett died,
because George Lucas
V. Kim Blish: killed him.
Dan Ewen: Now, now listen.
George Lucas created
Dan Ewen: the world. It's his business
if he wants
Dan Ewen: Boba Fett to get eaten,
by some bizarre desert [inaudible].
V. Kim Blish: Of course you would
take George Lucas' side.
V. Kim Blish: Boba Fett deserved
to get 86'd by a plant
V. Kim Blish: from Little Shot of Horrors?
V. Kim Blish: Would you then [inaudible] Greg?
Dan Ewen: I didn't say he
deserved it.
V. Kim Blish: Are you Periscoping this?
Dan Ewen: This is a personal
moment. You can't just
Dan Ewen: broadcast it to the
V. Kim Blish: Are people commenting?
Yep, and tons of hashtags
wishing Charmaine on Twitter.
V. Kim Blish: Oh really.
Dan Ewen: Look, I do not hate
Boba Fett. I drew him
Dan Ewen: on all of my Trapper
Keepers. I get the
Dan Ewen: allure. He's got the jet
pack. He's got the cool
Dan Ewen: spaceship. It looks like
hair dryer. I'm a fan.
Dan Ewen: We can appreciate Boba
Fett without talking about
Dan Ewen: him like he's Jimmy Carter
or something.
Dan Ewen: He was bounty hunter.
He disintegrated people.
Moxie Ewen: Mom, dad, Herschel said he
was going to disintegrate me.
V. Kim Blish: Herschel, you are not
going to disintegrate
V. Kim Blish: your sister. Apologize to Walker right now.
Gardner Ewen: Sorry, I said I was going to
disintegrate you.
V. Kim Blish: Where were we? Oh yeah, you were
losing an argument about
V. Kim Blish: Boba Fett in a very
public way.
Dan Ewen: We are not going to let
the opinions of a bunch
Dan Ewen: of shut-ins decide this.
V. Kim Blish: Shut-ins? There are
good people on the pulse
V. Kim Blish: of society.
Oh man, they are ripping
you a new one now dad.
Tons of team Charmaine.
There are like 700,000 people watching.
No way that many people
are watching us fight.
Oh my gosh. Boba Fett
arguers. I love you Charmaine.
Boba Fett number one!
V. Kim Blish: Hey I love you too.
Greg is stupid as shit.
Dan Ewen: Watch where he's,
where he's going.
(accent) Hey, you're the couple
that fights about
Boba Fett in there?
I saw you on the world wide web.
You, Charmaine what are
you doing with him?
What are you doing with
this tosser?
V. Kim Blish: I know. Greg's the worse.
You're the worse. Boba Fett number one.
Dan Ewen: You're driving in the
median you nut job!
V. Kim Blish: Oh leave him alone.
V. Kim Blish: Hello? We're getting
a Youtube show?
Dan Ewen: What?
V. Kim Blish: Oh, sorry.
Dan Ewen: I don't get a show?
Multiple fatalities back
there, and there's no time to waste
but I gotta get Charmaine's autograph first.
Oh no! I'm going to crash!
I'm trying to be
brave like Boba Fett!
Also, Greg you suck!
V. Kim Blish: That sucks.
Dan Ewen: Come on now.
V. Kim Blish: Oh, you suck.
He said you suck.
V. Kim Blish: So how does this work?
Do we...oh sure. You can
V. Kim Blish: call me back.
Bad news. A dad and his son
in Denver are fighting
over Guardians of the Galaxy.
Viewers are plummeting.
V. Kim Blish: What? This can't be
happening. It just started.
V. Kim Blish: No. Fight harder Greg.
Boba Fett is dead. Your
parody Twitter is a ghost town.
V. Kim Blish: Oh, text from the
Hollywood guy.
V. Kim Blish: Sorry. No show.
That's the breaks kids.
V. Kim Blish: What just happened?
Dan Ewen: We just got so caught
up in a lifestyle you know.
V. Kim Blish: We've been thrown in the sarlac pitt
of internet fame.
Dan Ewen: Seems like a long
time ago.
V. Kim Blish: In a galaxy far,
far away.
Dan Ewen: Don't, do...
Moxie Ewen: Maybe in the next movie
Boba Fett's not go dead.
Kim: Nope.
Dan: Why not?
V. Kim Blish: Nope.
V. Kim Blish: There's no way.
They killed him. There's no
V. Kim Blish: way to make it right.
[interposing voices]
V. Kim Blish: You made your bed
George Lucas now lie in it.
Dan Ewen: If he had a blow torch
he could've got out of that thing.
V. Kim Blish: He's gone forever.
Dan Ewen: Oh man baby, Boba Fett
couldn't get his way.
Dan Ewen: He couldn't find his way.
He's like the
Dan Ewen: Macgyver of his time.
V. Kim Blish: He's dead baby.
♪ Greg and Charmaine got a
lot on their plate ♪
♪ But they'll still be
watching Netflix and ♪
♪ call it a day ♪
♪ Greg and Charmaine ♪
Dan Ewen: I'm excited to see Boba Fett
alive and well.
V. Kim Blish: He's dead like my fan.
[sound from Star Wars of
Boba Fett dying]
[cell phone texting sound]
[Funny or Die ending jingle]