Madeline Minx is the Female Eminem: and more »
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Additional Credits:
Director/Editor Noemi Zeigler, D.P. Devon Taaffe, Producers: Larissa Mills, Andre Patrick and Wendy Kram, Co-director Andre Patrick, 1st A.D. Maximus Kennedy, Art Director and Artwork by Jacqueline Ngongoseke, Choreographer James Martin, 2nd A.D. Valerie Ramos, Assistant Editor and graphic art: Han Shee, 2nd assistant editor: Evan Lee Rivera, Wardrobe Robert Rainey, Art Dept: Perla De Los Santos and Kareem Hines, Catering Pepe Sanchez, Makeup Naruemon Pi, Production Assistants: Patrick Turner, Keith Salminen, Robert Yelsky. ACTORS: A.J Bozeman, Jerome Connor, Genysys Sanchez, Harold Kiel, Fred Thomas, Shante Hadnot, James Smothers, Remy Maldonaldo, Curtis Jiminez, Ernie Rocker "DJ Ego", Matthew Levitt, Tamera White. Dancers: Maximus "Payne" "Prime" Kennedy, Nicole Traylor, Ernie Rocker, Kyshia Minor, Nick Brentley, Nagisa Sakuma, Jazon Escultuura, Suiber Jin, Hayley Walker, Cassie Raymond. MUSIC written and arranged by Madeline Minx. Thanks to Skrilla Bound Records cats MIchael Cotton and Jno Gair, and to The One Who Cannot be Named.
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