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Acting : Julie Boehm, Rush Olson
Photography : Dave French
Art : Dean Pauley
Writing : Rush Olson
Editing : Dave French and Rush Olson
Dog : Hoover

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November 25, 2009


Side Projects 


Interviewer : It seems like a lot of musicians have side projects, stuff they do apart from their regular bands.   


Rush : Oh yeah, like Norah Jones with the Little Willies thing, and Paul McCartney when he went on hiatus from the Beatles to do Wings. 


Interviewer : The Beatles broke up before he did Wings 


Rush : Did they?  Long hiatus, huh? 


Interviewer : Anyway, any side projects away from Loda Dimes? 


Rush : Yeah, I’m off into a couple of things.  Loda Dimes blends a lot of styles, but I’ve been trying to do some stuff that involves styles Loda Dimes doesn’t delve into. 


Interviewer : Such as? 


Rush : Well, I’m doing a thing called Rockers and Hammerdown.  We do classic showtunes in a heavy hardcore style.  We’ve been working on that one with the Jets and the Crips or whatever. 


Interviewer : Westside Story? 


Rush : Yeah, I think that’s it.  You know your hardcore.  Check this (sings) Maria, I just met a girl named Mariaaagghhh (guttural hardcore sound). 


Interviewer : That’s a lot different from the original. 


Rush : Yeah, we do it in a different key.  We’re working on our verson of the Music Man right now.  I found these guys that sing metalcore barbershop.  It’s intense. 


Interviewer : What else would it be? 


Rush : Hey you know that Jewish guy that sings reggae? 


Interviewer : Matisyahu? 


Rush : Yeah, him.  Well, one of the other groups I’ve got turns that around a little bit.  We do traditional Jewish music but with a reggae sensitivity. 


Interviewer : Taking the synagogues by storm is it? 


Rush : Listen to this (sings) Ganja Nagila Ganja Nagila Ganja, Nagila . . .  

(interviewer stares dumbfounded) 



I’ve also started a Rolling Stones tribute band. 


Interviewer : Oh, you do Stones covers. 


Rush : No, not a Rolling Stones cover band.  A tribute band.  We don’t do songs by the Stones, we do songs about the Stones.  For instance; (sings) How much nutrition do cigarettes have? Enough to keep Keith alive without food for sixty years.  Or this; Mick gets all kinds of girls, really hot ones, even though he looks like that.  I wish that were me.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I wish that were me. 


Interviewer : Any others? 


Rush : Yeah this is kind of our signature (sings) Start Me Up is a really great rock song – one of the best ever!  It’s really great.  Really really really really really really really really great. 


Interviewer : That’s very reverential. 


Rush : You think Start Me Up is really really great don’t you?  ‘Cause if not, this interview’s over, lady. 


Interviewer : Oh no, certainly I do.  But I think we’re just about out of time anyway, which isn’t the worst thing. 


Rush : What, you don’t want to hear about the Progressivc Krunk Surf Project?  Or the Experimentation in Monotone?  Or The Industrial Nursery Rhyme Collective?  Little Goth kids love it. 


Interviewer : No, this interview is over now. 


(Rush mouths “this interview is over now”) 


Interviewer : Don’t mock me. 


(Rush mouths “don’t mock me”) 


Interviewer : That’s it.  The end. 


(Rush mouths “the end”)