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VictoriousSponge VictoriousSponge

VICTORIOUS SPONGE Chris Stylianou Ollie Firrell Andrew Bond Three Birmingham students, with literally nothing better to do than exhaust all their time, efforts and resources to bring you video expressions of their twisted thoughts. Calling in favours from people they hardly know, Catching random buses they don't fully understand, and eating pot after pot of yoghurt. This trio will stop at nothing to entertain you until you say "What the fuck am i doing!!" And then switch off your computer!! "No seriously, all i do is sit on facebook and watch retarded videos on youtube, where is my life going? i mean since i lost my job at woolworths everything has just gone to shit. What employer is gonna care about 2 'D's at A-level?? what the fuck! oh god..." The Sunday Times calls it "A disgrace to the internet" The guardian says "Who?" And Hello Magazine says "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!........erm... Jordan!" So tune in! and make sure you and your friends end up saying "Christ, is....is this it? is this what my life has come to?? I... I can't underst....i mean, just, what the fuck!! come on!" VICTORIOUS SPONGE (Because somebody has to)