It's FOOD! With Vanessa Charbonne

"They fired her for gaining weight. Now she's fighting back with every ounce she's got."

It's FOOD! With Vanessa Charbonne It's FOOD! With Vanessa Charbonne

Former Miss Arizona 2004 and Channel 18 spokesmodel, Vanessa Charbonne, has been fired with her crown revoked all due to an unsavory and very public DUI. Or was it because she gained too much weight? Perhaps it was because she was sleeping with the married head of the network. Either way, she's got 100 hours of community service to finish, and Probation Officer Marty has offered to let her do an educational online lifestyle show (like Martha Stewart living) for the women of her sleepy Arizona town. Watch as the now plus sized Vanessa tries to get her job, her crown, and her dignity back -- one lifestyle lesson at a time! For more information on the series, visit For all other inquires and to contact Kathryne directly, please email: Directed by Kathryne Isabelle Easton: Director of Photography Matt Fore: Music: