The Human Gun

UZIMON's music has been labeled by some as "Spoof" and "parody" music, yet he denies the categorizations, claiming "Some understand, some cannot. Those who cannot, rob themselves of enlightenment, but me never spoof nothing.” UZIMON has been blazing a trail with his own original blend of Reggae Dancehall and Hyper-Roots-Rock style since 2009. Straight out of Bermuda, and known for his wild stage antics, outrageous lyrics and inexorable dedication to the true sound of reggae, UZIMON has been labeled as "the Anti-Matisyahu. An outsider, yet a dogged practicioner of the true slackness style of Dancehall of the 70s 80s 90s and beyond.." When he is not performing at sold-out venues in NYC or touring, he is an avid fertility hobbyist and enjoys teaching his own style of Martial Arts at his studio in Brooklyn.