The Upperclassmen The Upperclassmen

The Upperclassmen

Putting the Ass back In CLASSY comedy!

The UpperClassmen The UpperClassmen are a collaborative of writers, actors, and comedians who have come together under the mission statement "Reaching out to non-traditional theatre audiences to give them a non-traditional comedy experience.* We accomplish this by presenting our audiences with a dynamic show that crosses multiple mediums and genres, all designed to keep the audience engaged and involved. By incorporating improvisational comedy, live sketch comedy, and pre-recorded sketches, our performances avoid becoming "one-trick ponies" that can't maintain the energy or interest of a challenging audience. The use of technology is an important aspect of our production, and our aim is to present an ever-evolving multimedia experience. Currently we incorporate the use of a projector and a screen for the presentation of live sketches, and our goal is to seamlessly incorporate smartphones, tablets, and other state-of-the-art technologies to really make the audience say, "Woah, that was pretty cool." Without an audience, we'd have no reason for being, and as such we actively involve our audiences into the shows. Whereas many improv groups utilize their audiences for suggestions and game ideas, we bring our audiences right into the games they've helped to create. We have audience giveaway nights, musical games (in which lucky members of the crowd are serenaded by one of our dapper cast members), and a "Most Valuable Audience Member" game in which they present a few innocuous facts about their lives (what they do, how many pets they have, their birthday, last meal, etc.), and our cast members give a toast in their honor. Most importantly, no show is ever the same. We have a talented, rotating cast of characters, each with their own unique style that complements the style of the others. As Bruce Lee once said, "A true style is no style." The UpperClassmen is a major collaborative effort that hinges on the contribution of all members of the group. In this way we challenge ourselves to keep it funny, keep it fresh, and most of all, keep it fun.