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My Little Funny

Kaz Matt Karl

"Kaz is the only cartoonist left who can write a four panel strip that is funny - milk thru your nose funny - instead of rotten with whimsy and chuckles." Nayland Blake - Artforum "Comic strips by the underground cartoonist Kaz are hilariously filthy and beautifully drawn”. The New York Times "Somewhere between the caverns below Popeye's Spinachovia and the sewers beneath the suburbs where Ernie Bushmiller's Nancy lives is Kaz's Underworld. Like many other contemporary alternative strips it reeks of bad attitude but it's something of an anomaly in that it's actually Funny as hell." Art Spiegelman “Happy Home”- Looks amazing. I realize I'm not a big fan of animation, but this really "works" for me. Great stuff”. Charles Burns Gary Baseman - “Awesome!!” “These are great. I love the music by this David Kilgour fellow”. Tony Millionaire