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You know what prompted this article on Faster Fat Burn? It was the article and video from a show on a very popular morning show where a very respected 'expert' was invited to 'debunk' the myths out there regarding weight loss, burning fat and diet programs. It stirred me up so much that I was compelled to set the record straight. Sometimes fitness experts make it just way to complicated in trying to have people think they're smart. But as I've said before, truth is simple and straight forward. So prepare to come away from your next three minutes with me empowered with helpful fat burning tips under your belt, not unwanted pounds!

Ultra Omega Burn The three most fundamental, excellent ways to burn fat and lose weight are exercising, eating less, and upping metabolism - but are there foods that have properties that help burn fat fast? You might be surprised to learn what you can eat to promote immediate and permanent weight loss.

It's important to recognize that all of these foods are very high in protein and fiber, or both.  Fiber has little to no calories, regulates digestion, and keeps you feeling full. Protein promotes muscle retention and makes your body use more calories to digest than anything else.

Lean meats are a great example of a food that promotes fat burn. Beef, chicken, and fish contain mostly protein as well as omega-3 fats which are essential to the body. These lean meats are amazing as a meal before bed to help feed muscles and retain muscle mass as you sleep. During any weight loss program, some muscle mass is lost. These foods help minimize that.

Eggs cannot be overlooked as a source of protein, and can be prepared dozens of ways. If you remove the yolk from some or even all of the eggs prior to preparation, you're left with nearly pure protein which is awesome for your diet. The high concentration of vitamin B12 in eggs is also effective at helping your body break down fat cells as the diet progresses.

Low carb, low fat dairy products are an important addition, but in moderation. These will help you keep appetite levels low. In one study those that ate low fat yogurt as a meal addition/substitution lost 70% more weight over the trial period. Just be cautious about sugar content - sugar is a big diet enemy.

Beans are high in both fiber and protein. The fiber in beans will keep you feeling full, and the balance of carbs and protein will leave you both energized and lean. Beans are a great mid or late evening part of any diet plan.

It's important to supplement these foods with green tea. Green tea is another "food" that will increase metabolism and decrease appetite. http://theultraomegaburnreviews.com/