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wants to have ravioli with Will Ferell.

Two guys out of Huntsville, TX trying to spice up the internet. Or something. Does that sound good? What about... Two guys attending college putting all their eggs into the viral video basket? Does that sound any better? I practiced in the mirror before I tried it out. It sounded pretty good at first, but now I'm second-guessing myself. Don't you hate how you do that sometimes? Ya know? It's like the other day I was at the grocery store, well, wal-mart, but there's a grocery store in there. Anyways, I was at wal-mart, and I saw this awesome deal on canned mixed vegetables that was like Cah-razy, and my friend was all like, "You should so get that" and I was all "Awwww four wheels?" and he was like "Mossss def". Not the rapper mind you, but the colloquial expression. Which came first, do you think? The rapper name, or the expression? Anywa