Schwei K. Übersteigen Schwei K. Übersteigen

Schwei K. Übersteigen

will never depart the Earth without Fighting a Dolphin.

• Making web videos is kind of a new hobby for me at the moment (I know, Not so good yet!), BUT PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!! • http// • http// • My Name is Schwei K. Übersteigen, I was born with an extra Y Chromosome; or also referred to as the “Evil Gene". But I’m kind of a nice guy once you get to know me! I formally had a prestigious career in the Arts and worked in TV and Film as a special effects Artist.. But after I was deemed "Criminally insane" and a "Sociopath", the US Government has sent me to a VERY early retirement! I'm currently in Anger Management, I have tons of free time, and I like to drink (A lot)... Solitary confinement has given me the aspirations to one day become a popular Children's Television show host. Cheers!