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True Friends Stab you in the front

"i work more than i sleep. i sleep more than i eat. i eat spaghetti at 4 am while watching shitty mainstream hip hop videos on mtv. occasionally throughout the day i'll grab a slice of bread, untoasted, and a lemonade. my cell phone is louder than a fucking gun shot in downtown..yet i'm on it a good twelve hours a day. i won't let you smoke in my t-shirts. you couldn't pay me to drink coffee, but i know every 24-hour starbucks spot in southern california. my bedroom is the best room in the house. i won't take off my shoes or socks until i'm about to go to sleep, but if i leave a sock on the floor i claim that my room is a mess. i own two three-hundred dollar flat irons but i have no idea how to flat iron my hair. instead of taking lessons, i just chopped it all off. it looks good. i love the word amazing as much as i love analyzing the in's and out's of any and every situation. i have a bad knee but a good heart. i'll pick your brain and i won't take no for an answer. when i want something, i get it. when you're asleep, i'm lighting up spots in downtown with my pet lamp, blacky. my camera is probably worth more than your car..if you're lucky enough, you'll get to see it one day. my name is tyler jesus shields." haha PS this was written by lindsay