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laughed until he peed someone else's pants.

HI! My name is Tyler Moore. I'm an unemployed Graphic Artist. I was self employed, but had to quit because my boss was an idiot. I'm going through what some would call an extended quarter-life crisis. On the bright side, I have some of the greatest friends in the world. What makes it so difficult is, my three closest friends are three very hot females. This wouldn't be so bad, if they could see me as more than just their "buddy". If you've ever been told by the one you love, "You're the best friend a girl could have", or "You're the greatest guy in the world -- I just don't want to do you", then you may have what I have. Symptoms include; heartache, headache, pressure, and possible discoloring (blue-ish tint) in the reproductive area, and severe irritability. All symptoms could lead to death. If not yours, then someone close to you. My name is Tyler, and I know this all too well. I am, for the time being, stuck as ONE OF THE GIRLS. BIO I was named after my mother's favorite TV show character. My innate power to pal around with extremely hot girls is nearly limitless. I have been called the ultimate "best friend" with the ability to effortlessly coax the words, "you're like a brother" from any woman's lips. A perpetually under-employed Graphic Artist, I am still ever hopeful that one day I will write my own ending in which I do not finish last; finally striking a victorious blow for "nice guys" everywhere.