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Young and Funny

probably figuring out some complex way to do less work

I'm the guy that everyone loves to have around because I make them laugh. I have no self-censor so I say some of the most outrageous and irreverant things any one could ever imagine. I want to work on my stand-up and performance skills so that maybe after I am out of the Air Force I could take a crack at being a stand-up full time. I have served my country since 1995. I have lived and served in more than 30 countries in the last 10 years including Panama, Africa, Turkey, and Iraq. Tours with SOCOM, NATO, and SouthCom. You will often find me playing World of Warcraft on Greymane (for the WoW junkies). I just love to make people laugh, I want people who have met me to tell other people that I am the craziest/funniest person they have ever met in real life.