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DOIN' IT...TURKEY & CHAZ STYLE!!! Turkey & Chaz - The Beginning Raised in an orphanage until the ages of 13 and 11, Turkey and Chaz were heading toward a life of crime until they broke into the wrong house. Police Chief Johnny decided not to press charges, but instead took pity on Turkey and Chaz. A week later Chief Johnny adopted the two boys and began training them as super cops from that day forth. 20 years later, Turkey and Chaz are on a special assignment when they find out that the evil crime lord, Mendoza Mendoza, has killed their adopted father, Police Chief Johnny. Now, Turkey and Chaz must bring to justice the most feared man in all of Crimetown, Mendoza Mendoza. We (Jemuel and Micheal) (pronounced GEM-YOU-EL and ME-HALL) have been working on Turkey and Chaz since January 2007. This is our first project writing and directing together although we've acted together previously. We're NOT friends, just creative partners. We hope that comes through in the episodes. The first season of Turkey and Chaz is twelve episodes long. We hope you enjoy the first season, please feel free to leave comments and to rate each episode.