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" KARMAS NEW NI99A " (She sure can pick em huh? LOL)

Disclaimer: _____________________________________________________ This channel and what your looking at is a BLUEPRINT, and as all blueprints they aren't all that pretty, just a schematic if you will of what could be if it were built. To build what I want to do (my show for cable) it is going to take a lot of money, people, tech support, etc. I am a piss poor slob and I work with what I have, this SLOP is nothing to what I will produce with the right tools. However, if you take a step back SEE the creativity, vision and amateur raw talent I bring. Van Gouge, this great painter couldn't sell one of his paintings for a bowel of soup, postmortem his joints SELL for MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars. I will not end up like him! If I have to place this fucking show on public access I will! and then YOU people that will want to air it on your stations? GET YOUR CHECK BOOKS OUT BECAUSE ITS GOING TO COST YOU BIG TIME! The main design of the show is to be empowered to help people financially. The show will also UNCOVER so many injustices that " we the people " suffer on a daily basis through my WARPED comedic interpretations. ) Thank you... _____________________________________________________ The trk387 Channel here and on youtube is 110% UNIQUE, there is NO other channel on ALL of YT that is quite like this one. I am a real NIGGA, who brings it with truth and IN YO FACE straight up talk!, if I think it, I spin it! Now some other YT's TRY to imitate my style, but as the old saying goes, there can be ONLY one, and I am he baby! What do the people want and need? Laughter, they want and need a show that is piss funny, controversial, entertaining, and informative, in your face real talk! Not the real talk you hear from the other shows Jon Stewart, etc, what do they know about being poor in today’s US? Regardless who is the President, a senator, house rep etc, they will eat tomorrow. Will you? I am the White Chappelle and all the others rolled into one. I am a real nigga, I know what its like to be homeless, poor, starving, I have suffered every injustice there is. The people need a show like this from ONE of their own! Every person doing a show like this is known already, they have been in the business for over 10+ years, WHY can’t someone come along and start from the very bottom with their own show? Never been done before, but how many other things have never been done before? EVERY skit I do is MY own Intellectual property, I am ALONE, and have NO tech training, and its just something that is not my forte. However, if you can look beyond that and see the CREATIVITY, IMAGINATION, never mind my BORN God given talent for acting in my pieces, just IMAGINE what I could do with the right technical people, equipment, other players, space, IT WOULD BE OFF THE HOOK! LOOKING for INVESTORS or Angel, to (venture capital) so I can create the trk387 comedy show to be pitched all major cable networks.