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Art, Fashion, Dramedy, Mystery, Papercrafts, Pop Culture, Collage, SHADE, one bite at a time...

Travis Michael Moore is a Seattle elementary teacher, librarian, reading specialist, actor, writer, and artist. He has been currently producing his own webcomics and paper people projects under the label TravmoWorld Productions. The character/muse Princess January has overtaken most aspects of all of Travis's projects (since she appeared in 2013). Some of Travis's webcomics/projects include TravmoWorld Models (1987), Desire (1992), Guilty Pleasures/Guilty Confessions (1993, 1998, 2006, 2013), Bertha and Bethany (1996), Stiletto (2004, 2017), Diva Petz (2005), YOUR CHOICE... (2013), Confessions of a Paper Doll (2014), #Pageant (2015), Living in Chrome (2016), The Princess January Show (2016).