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likes to play Bury the Brisket.

Click Here to View Travis' MySpace! Roaring out of Texarkana, Travis Whitelaw's country cock-rock pounds a stake through the heart of political correctness. His songs about roadside massage parlors, rough sex with feminists, and whoring south of the border boast more hooks than a butcher's meat locker. Men might blush and women may blanch - but they'll all sing along. Brash, bold, uncompromising, and never afraid to take a stand against the arbiters of good taste, the "Rockin' Redneck" delivers take-no-prisoners epics with all the subtlety of a semi loaded with hog feed crashing a toll gate. And that's just the ballads. Newly relocated from his native Arkansas to New York City, Travis and his crack band are bringing his tawdry over-the-top tunes to a honky tonk near you soon!