Danza Did It! Danza Did It!

Danza Did It!

Danza Did It! is an interdisciplinary art work that celebrates the many talents of Tony Danza. Are you a Fanza?

Every year Tony Danza makes a vow to master a new craft. Danza Did It! (DDI) is an art campaign that celebrates the many talents of Tony Danza. The goal is to create a world that satirically, seriously, and artfully promotes the pursuits of the everyman and encourages creativity... all in the name of Tony Danza. Like Clay Aiken has Claymates, and Justin Bieber has Beliebers, Tony Danza has what we have coined "Fanzas". As dedicated Fanzas, DDI presents an ongoing collection of media pertaining to Tony Danza and current events. Through original writing, art, and varying forms of artistic expression, we are setting out to see just how far we can take a Tony Danza meme, and use Danza as a vehicle to progress positive change. Ultimately, we would like to create a phenomenon that escapes online virality and trickles gradually into the mainstream. Danza Did It! is an ever-evolving work in progress, just like Tony Danza himself. Not content on merely being an actor, Mr. Danza's resume includes a forever growing list of talents: singer, boxer, ukulele player, tap dancer, author, school teacher, etc. It is our goal to have the phrase "Danza Did It" trickle into the everyday lexicon of society. Tony Danza represents someone who is continually evolving. Like Danza, DDI encourages Fanzas to explore your talents and gain knowledge in a wide range of fields. "Danza Did It!" as an expression meaning that any goal can be accomplished. Let the Danzalution begin!