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I am Randy. I'm a trans-man and mother of two adult sons. They paln to stay tha

My name is Randall Cunningham. I am not the former football quarterback. He is much taller and better looking than me. Nor am I the former Republican Congressman who resigned in disgrace after betraying the people's trust. I am a trans-man. The delivery doctor identified me at birth as an anatomically correct female because I had an inny not an outty. And I'm not talking about my belly button. I was socialized feminine yet always felt intuitively male; hence, I was crossed to my birth sex and gender identity or from the Latin trans-sexed AND trans-gendered in my youth. I am no longer cross(trans)-gendered. I had corrective surgery in 1998. (I had my 34-D boobs deflated.) Now I present the way I feel, as a man, consistent with my gender identity of masculine. I still consider myself cross or trans-sexed. I can never be genetically male. I would like to have an Addadicktome someday. But they are very expensive and don't work well because doctors can dig a hole but not build the pole. The top models have a remote control. I would only get frustrated trying to find it at the necessary time. It's bad enough when you want to watch TV and can't find the clicker. And what if I was out mowing the lawn and my neighbor's garage door opener set off my erection? Awkward! I think the term transsexual is a misnomer. I am heterosexual. There are homosexual trans-people (big surprise to me). While I lived presenting as a women I married a man at 20. I am the biological mother of our two, now adult sons, (they say they plan to stay males) with whom I am very close. I transitioned to my “life as a man” in 1998. Nothing double breasted about me now except my suites, fried chicken and the women I love. I was also legally married to a women. She is the “Bonus Mom” to my children. We recently celebrated our tenth anniversary in New Orleans after attending my youngest son's wedding. We plan to go back after my oldest son's wedding in May 2010. I welcome your comments and ANY questions you have about me, the process of transitioning, being trans-gendered or trans-sexed, my catalog of terminology, same-sex marriage rights, parenting, sex, drugs, rock-n-roll... always, Randy The TransGester