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TRON inspires hope through training. He helps people improve their lives by focusing on things they can change – their physicality and mental virility. Follow TRON on his journey as he faces everyday challenges and develops ground-breaking new training methods to tackle hardship and resolve conflict. TRON teaches the masses to break the shackles of convention, to never let one’s surrounding dictate how and when to train... you can train with anything, anywhere, any time. For more than thirty years, TRON has never stopped training people around the globe. The premier expert on physical training, training psychology, the physics of training, and training for maximum performance both physically and psychologically, he has been honored for his physical intellect and record setting physical endeavors. TRON's enterprise offers excellence in lifestyle education to all - specifically the flabby, flimsy, meek, and otherwise hopeless. He has successfully improved the lives of nearly 80 million people in 40 countries with his training seminars, best-selling book From JV to HumV, videos, and audiotape products, and live training appearances. TRON is considered the greatest and most physically dominant trainer-life coach in history. TRON’S PHILOSOPHY • Never stop training! • Use a maximum amount of energy. No exceptions. • Nothing can contain me. 7 items , 7 videos PLAY ALL VIDEOS