sean sean


guns dont kill people, the police do.

i like to laugh at myself, i'm the only guy at the water cooler. writing is a favored hobby of mine along with blogging. not much else really that im cool telling ;favorite color is blue, favorite time of the day is 230 and my least favorite soup is mushroom. my name is Sean, from Cincinnati. got into comedy after watching saturday night live reruns from the late 80's - early 90's into the end of the century. some reason i always laughed at the visual gags nd silly punchlines, i was too young to actually understand the jokes but the actors of the era really helped me grasp the concept of packaged humor. that turned me into a class clown, the only thing i care of more than the girls tits were to make them laugh so they could sleep with me.. call that rude and disgustion but folks what else does a guy have to do to get a girl? always had the interest to write so i began incorporating my writing into comedy and if i couldnt make a visual joke then id paint one into the readers mind. yeah im a lil childish with my behavior and yeah im rude and myabe an asshole, but really i want to do is help people become empowered by laughter so they dont need drugs or alcohol to find pleasure in the world.